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  1. Tigers Mad


    Here are Kits for EFL LEAGUE 1&2, Use as you please just give us a mention , Heads up GK Kits are mainly made up. think ive got them all but will update if there is any new releases, MARKINGS i find nice are NAME= POS 34, ZOOM -2, FONT 11, ARCH TYPE 4 ; SQUAD No= POS +2, ZOOM +7 FONT 11; SHORTS...
  2. Tigers Mad

    Importing Teams Kits ect

    Just a quick Question , When importing Teams Kits Managers Emblems ect , How do you link them altogether so that it all gets imported at the same time PS4.
  3. Tigers Mad

    Goals from my Quarter Finals of Caraboa Cup
  4. Tigers Mad

    EFL League 1 Exports

    Hi. Ive created 20 EFL league 1 teams overiding the PEU League if you intend to use these teams and you already have the bundesliga importedi suggest you use a 2nd account. My files include 20 teams, Managers, stadium pictures, players names, Hights, Skin tones, Formations (Advnced formations as...
  5. Tigers Mad

    English Premiership Teams after Transfer Window

    Hi all, ive Completed all Transfers for the English Prem for season 2019/20, this is according to Transfermarket. i havnt posted Liverpool & Arsenal as ive used Fake teams for them, i will post if requested. Only trouble is iv'e used free agents to create some players & created players have been...
  6. Tigers Mad

    Sheffield Utd kits, Hi just a note to say im not a kit maker by any means but i thought id share some kits , there not brilliant but hope they help ppl...
  7. Tigers Mad


    Hi any news on kit sizes for creating kits? Will it be 2048_x 2048_like last time
  8. Tigers Mad

    Euro DLC

    just wondering if Konami was going to release a DLC for The Euros? Kits, Squads ect
  9. Tigers Mad

    adjust screen settings?

    what is the best reccomended setting for the colour of the screen on the adjust setting menue?
  10. Tigers Mad


    any idea were i can get a chant pack from please
  11. Tigers Mad


    any on e know were i can get The kings power stadium Formula + Ad boards please ,ive looked every were thanks
  12. Tigers Mad


    when you start a League season, is it possible to transfer players, as when you have started a season and saved it, transfers that are done through the edit menu, dont register in your saved season many thanks