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  1. nicmollet

    Become a Legend AI?

    Become a Legend AI? After a few years without PES, I came back to PES 2013, hoping I could finally play my favorite mode: Become a Legend. The gameplay and immersion was good, but the teamates AI was so abysmal I actually gave up with PES 2013. No matter the difficulty level, no matter your...
  2. nicmollet

    Equipments in BAL/ML, good idea after all?

    Opinions are mixed regarding equipements in BAL/ML. Magic Boots and Tasty bananas didn't receive a warm welcome. Would you keep that feature in PES 2014 or would like to be removed? Please vote!
  3. nicmollet

    PES Licenses since ISS Pro 1

    I am still waiting to receive my copy here in Brazil,... Look what my boredom resulted in, it's a spreadsheet of all PES licenses since ISS Pro Evolution 1999 Playstation game: That is not...
  4. nicmollet

    Questions about BAL : Leagues and AI

    Hello, I am coming back to PES2013 as I loved the gameplay. The last game I played was PES2011 on PS2 with the old school gameplay. Most of the time, I will play Become A Legend. What are the leagues you can play on BAL? - Spain - Italy - France - England - Holland Only those 5...
  5. nicmollet

    PC patches comparison table

    Many patches and option files are already out on PC, but we can't say there is a ultimate patch. I identified some patches, and I am testing them, when they are updated. Here is the result of my observations, in this comparative table ...
  6. nicmollet

    "legends" separated of "network"

    Hey, I played the demo yesterday, I still need some more games to review. So Far, I like it. From what I saw, the online "legends" mode is a different mode than "network" mode. What does that mean ? - "legends" won't have our friends of the "network" - "legends" won't have our group...