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  1. Gunplay

    Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

    Source Source 2 Here are the 2 apparently new characters, liking the ''Nazi-esque'' look on Dragunov: Dragunov: Lili: Expected before Christmas 2005 ;)
  2. Gunplay

    The Official ''Killer Instinct'' Thread

    Inspired by the Joel_Best. Best game ever made? Arguably. I want everyone who played any installment of it to post their views/stories/memories on here please. Ever reach 100 hit combos? Who was your favourite character? Do you still play it? Any news of the game being revived? Who...
  3. Gunplay

    Racists launch PC game: Ethnic Cleansing

  4. Gunplay


    You'd be a fool to not try it out atleast. GunZ
  5. Gunplay

    Gunplay's Bootpack

    These boots are made courtesy of Pika and Yogui. Helped by sykesy. Left Click Here
  6. Gunplay

    WE8I Japan *Rumours*

  7. Gunplay

    PES4 Has Round Robin

    No, Konami aren't dumb enough to leave the great mode out of PES4. League Mode--> International League--> Round Robin ;) .
  8. Gunplay

    Masterleague Punishers

    Whilst playing the Masterleague have you ever noticed a player that consistantly punishes you ? The type to score, setup a goal or get a penalty when you think you have the match in the bag. Heres my list of players: Eto'o Zidane Kezman Pires Kapo Raul Trezeguet Delboy Shevchenko...
  9. Gunplay

    City Of Hereos Thread

    City Of Heroes What do you think of the game ? I'm considering coppin this ish. Don't know when it will be released in the UK though.
  10. Gunplay

    Winning Eleven 8 Advert Video inside

  11. Gunplay

    Hello to the community of

    hello everybody, i am Gunplay and have been a guest of this forum for almost a year, now that i have purchased myself an email address i can finally share my views to the forum let me start by saying 'PES/WE RULES' and 'FIFA SUCKS' :D