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  1. V-Foot

    No Master League till 2023.

    I personally never touched PES 2021, mainly because it was the first one they admitted was a Season Update (I mean, it was right there on the logo). Jokes aside, that was indeed the reason why I stuck with 2020: I didn't want to pay the full price for what was essentially an update package (and...
  2. V-Foot

    The Ultimate Classic Player Thread

    Thank you so, SO much for this. I know it's not all of them, but this is already quite a few steps closer to make the game that little bit more realistic.
  3. V-Foot

    [KITS] ¢Ħλ®₤ỉξ-[14] PES 2012 PNG´s[PS3]

    Hey man, can you reup these kits? I'm getting back to PES 2012 and I'd like these versions of the NT kits.
  4. V-Foot

    OPTION FILE v3 with ALL uniforms and logos UPDATED!

    Hey man, I'm going back to this game and I need the national kits, can you please upload this again? Thanks.
  5. V-Foot

    Ps4 of pes 2020 nico ultras

    I understand you can't work on this game anymore, but can you at least reupload V5, please? Link's broken.
  6. V-Foot

    Option File(s) Where we stand.

    How do I delete this? Just saw it's been mentioned already (just not with a link).
  7. V-Foot

    Data Import Error - What to do?

    I'm sure a lot of people has had this problem as well, so I won't beat around the bush. Does anyone know a reliable way to get the teams where I got this error to import properly?
  8. V-Foot

    Bebeto 94's Updated USA 94 World Cup Kits

    Spectacular. And the fact that they put new number fonts in the game makes it all the more realistic.
  9. V-Foot

    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    All I want right now is a J. League OF. For the moment, I have all the rest I want/need.
  10. V-Foot

    Option File(s) Where we stand.

    I meant the first, but you've already answered my question, so thanks. What I was asking is if it was possible to modify the database, which falls outside the purview of Option Files anyway, as it's been the basis of many a patch in previous versions of PES (like those for PES 2010 which took...
  11. V-Foot

    Option File(s) Where we stand.

    Hey, I just want to say, thank you all for this. I'll be waiting for the J. League. I think I'll make teams from other countries over SI and Wilrijk though, for the European comps. There's only one thing I want to know: would it be possible to move teams from one block to another? Like say, you...
  12. V-Foot

    Quick automatic logout?!

    I'm having trouble staying logged in the forum. There's no login link anywhere, so I have to access anything that will block access to non-registered users (i.e. the search engine) so I can log in. And then, as if that weren't enough, the board logs me out automatically when I so much as click...
  13. V-Foot

    [PS4]CAFCL Champion replacing Pleasure Horn

    Awesome. If only Konami would get the hint.
  14. V-Foot

    Game won't open with update 1.06! Help!

    I picked up the game to try it out, and I was surprised to find out how good it is (well, could be better if there weren't such a misery of teams outside Europe, but that's just me), and even though I hear a lot of praise to this game in hindsight, it was surprisingly hard to find the updates...
  15. V-Foot

    Can teams be moved from one league to another?

    Bummer. Thanks for replying, anyway. EDIT: Once again, I figured it out alone. It involves altering the dt04.bin, and I used Ultimate Editor for that.
  16. V-Foot

    Can teams be moved from one league to another?

    So? Doesn't anyone have an answer?
  17. V-Foot

    Can teams be moved from one league to another?

    Please read before answering. I know this game already has the "League Structure" feature in Edit Mode, but what I want to know is if there's a way to have more or less teams in a block. I'm trying to make an OF/patch with teams from all over the world, and I wanted to separate the league-less...
  18. V-Foot

    DoTheEvolution - where to download?

    These days I've been getting back to playing PES on the PS1, and it's amazing how fun those games are even without all the details we've grown so used to and fond of. Back when all you had for a dribble was L1-tapping, and you didn't even need a double analog stick for close control. Anyway...
  19. V-Foot

    PES5/WE9 playing with AI is just shit

    Sorry to exhume this corpse of a thread, but having remembered some nice matches I had with PES6, and going back to PES5 and having this exact problem, I wanted to figure out what other players thought of it. I'm surprised to find it's not just me who thinks the AI is simply infuriating, the...
  20. V-Foot

    What makes PES 2017 run slow in a laptop?

    Konami's always been known for overestimating PC requirements. Remember when PES 3-5 came out, most average computers would chug along when running them, even though other games of the time ran fine? They certainly didn't make the game thinking of PC users. Even right now, I have to turn off...