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  1. faszarolcsi

    [Tor Hymne] Goal Sounds Thread by faszarolcsi PES 2014

    Hello all! :) Last year I created a Goal Celebration thread but in PES 2014 I think the goal celebrations are bad. The system when the players run as fastest as they can after the goal and make a celebration with a cut scene I think it's really bad. Especially Konami put out lot of good and...
  2. faszarolcsi

    wild editor

    I cant open the wild editor... it says the data lost.. what can i do?
  3. faszarolcsi

    I can't see my old images on my thread :/

    I don't know why but I can't see my old images on my thread only the new ones. I tried to remove the "http://" but it dosen't work. :/ PLEASE HELP!!
  4. faszarolcsi

    Goal Celebrations PES 2013

    Hi guys! :) I create a thread for goal celebrations because for some reason Konami make some very unrealistic goal celebration for each players. So i will post my celebrations for each players. If you have a player but you don't know his celebration ask me. I try to use the recent celebrations...
  5. faszarolcsi

    I need these players face's!!

    Please facemakers make faces for these players cause they not appear in PES 2012 :(