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    PS4 Player Edited Data Not Appearing In Game Play

    Has anyone come across an issue where edited player data not loading/appearing while playing the game? The data is saved and loads correctly in the edit option screen. The correct edited player data has appeared correctly also in the same day so the issue appears to be intermittent and not...
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    Master League boots - will or can Konami change this?

    Hi all, Has anyone read or heard of any potential fix to the boots issue in Master League? Are Konami able to make such a large amendment to the game using a patch / update? Am I hoping in vain that Konami will come to their senses with this years game or will we have to wait until next...
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    Master league - Extra funds or easier transfer signings

    Hi all, I am about to hit the 600 mark in points so I am in a position to buy a football life add on. Can anyone advise me which is the best one to buy first? I am thinking the unlimited funds as you can then go for any player but that still does not mean you will sign the player. If I...
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    Stadium crowds / attendance

    I'm not sure if this issue is prevelant throughout the game but has anyone noticed that stadium attendances in some games especially in Master league mode are unrealistically low.....think this is a step back to the same problem in PES 2009 or 2010!!!! I hope the next patch due will deal with...
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    Will I qualify for the Champions League?

    Hi all, Hope someone can answer my question. At the moment I am in 5th place 8 points off Chelsea in 4th. I am however 4-1 up on Marseille heading into the 2nd leg of the Champions League semi final. What I was wondering was will I automatically qualify for the Champions League next...
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    Scout listed players removed becoming avail for transfer

    Only noticed this today, I removed Iluczinca from my scout watch list (been there for 5 seasons) then the following week he becomes available for transfer!!!!! I have not tested this possible theory on any other players but I'm very interested to know has anyone noticed this as a possible way of...
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    Anyone got PES2010 early in Ireland???

    If so please post up where!!!!! Thanks.
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    Newcomers - Palmieri and Gibson

    Does anyone know when these players come into the game? I am in season 2011-2012 currently. Had these players in PES2008 and they were great. Cheers, Nick.
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    Master league first transfer window signings

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me who the best first signings are in the master league? I am using the default players like Ruskin, Jaric etc. With the first transfer window coming up and not alot of money to spend who are the best buys, performance, bargain wise? Any help appreciated...
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    What updates can you download from internet?

    Hi, Can anyone pls tell me if there are any downloads for ps3 like updated jerseys, boots, stadiums or anything no matter how big or small? Also where to find them! Thanks, Nick.
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    Hdmi to DVI cable get pic but NO SOUND!

    Hi all, Bought a HDMI to DVI cable to get the HD picture on my PS3 but can not get sound for some reason. Can anyone tell me what i have done wrong or what i can do to fix the problem? Have tried setting up the display with hdmi 1080i and sound with audio input connector / scart / av multi...
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    PES2008 early availability Ireland?

    Hi all, Anyone know if PES2008 is available to buy in Ireland, in Dublin so obviously anywhere here particularly. Or know of anywhere who will have it on sale tomorrow? Appreciate any help, Nick.
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    World/European 11 teams in pes5

    Hi, I only noticed last night when arranging friendlies in the master league that you can play a world 11, european 11, goalkeeper 11 etc but you cannot play or use these teams in friendlies etc. Can you unlock these teams to use? Thanks, Nick.
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    Young promising player Blowm

    Hi, Has anyone signed the young attacking midfielder Blowm? I signed him two seasons ago for Newcastle and he has been brilliant, he has it all! Would not replace him with anyone well maybe if i was offered Ronaldinho or kaka i would think about it. What do you guys think?
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    Defenders coming up for cornors

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me can you select what players and how many you want in the box for set pieces especially cornors? Thanks, Nick.
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    Master league starting first eleven

    Hi, I have just started the master league with Newcastle (default team), was wondering what is the best starting 11 out this selection of crap players! I am sure no matter what team you start with in default you have the same players. Thanks, Nick.
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    Master league div1 domestic leagues?

    Hello, I have just started my first master league in div2 of course but noticed that top divisions are all domestic leagues like the premiership, La Liga etc! When i get promoted do i go into one of these leagues or do they get mixed up? Thanks Nick.
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    PES5 What stadium is the Bernabeu?

    Hey, Can anyone tell me which stadium is Real Madrid's Bernabeu? Thanks.
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    Hi guys, Pardon my ignorance or lack of knowledge on this but what is the WE/WE8? Cheers
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    Referee leniency!?!?

    Hello all, Im not sure if this has been posted and discussed before if so i apologise for the echo!!! One thing i have noticed about PES4 is that the referee's rarely give out yellow and especially red cards....perfect example is a last man defender taking your player out and not getting a...