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  1. Kevthedrummer deal of the day is PES 2010 PS3 for £22.99

    If anyone has yet to buy it.
  2. Kevthedrummer

    PES 2010 Poll

    Just so it's plain to see in black and white... Now we've got to grips with the same, is it HIT or MISS. Try not to sit on the fence.
  3. Kevthedrummer

    Hands on reviews [coming soon]

    Just been on Twitter and saw that PSM3 Are typing their "thoughts" having played the game, which probably means that WENB have played it and we'll be hearing something later on. Hmmm Now is it me or does that have a slightly negative slur? We should use this thread to discuss any hands on...
  4. Kevthedrummer

    Press Release - Torres announced & Gameplay info [23/06/09]

    Very promising press release. A lot of this isn't massively surprising, but the key thing is how "on the ball" konami are. Whether this is the year or not, they are taking huge leaps in the right direction.
  5. Kevthedrummer

    Morrisons selling PS3/XBOX360 chart titles for £25 this week only!

    Haven't got a source, but I've seen it posted all over the internet today. This week only. Also DS/Wii games are down to £15
  6. Kevthedrummer

    The new Lara Croft

    Alison Carroll "We're not supposed to talk about the bloody mole!!"
  7. Kevthedrummer

    PES 1-3 > Any other football game ever.

    I've just had a blast from the past and can't quite believe just how good the older PES games are. I got the most play out of 1&2 and I just couldn't stop playing them. Even though you know the games had no licenses (especially back then) and poor elements such as commentary, sound effects...
  8. Kevthedrummer

    Anyone been to see Ricky Gervais?

    Suprised no one's mentioned this yet (couldn't find it when I searched at least) but if you go to Jade Street on Star Junction you can watch a stand up routine by Ricky Jervais!? I heard him on a radio station and decided to google it to check it was actually him and found this information...
  9. Kevthedrummer

    PESGaming worth $99,000!

    Nice one Hitman! Just checked on this website. Nice to know you have something to fall back on if you ever struggle to pay that student loan off! ;)
  10. Kevthedrummer

    GOTM March/April 2008: Funky Owen Goal

  11. Kevthedrummer

    GOTM: Funky Owen Goal

    I don't score "classy" goals very often, and I don't believe I've ever uploaded a goal before, so see what you think to this. Quite satisfying to score, and I don't see this type of goal on PES very much, so I'm not sure how common it is... Anyway here it is: 3ktsjPizNQE I will add it to...
  12. Kevthedrummer

    the Patch... Did it work for you or not?

    We have to try and figure out why this patch is getting such an inconsistant success rate. It's baffling me. It has had absolutely no effect. Just making a poll... edit: worst.... poll..... ever. Sorry. Try to tick the right answer, but I havent exactly made it simple :rolleyes:
  13. Kevthedrummer

    PES 2008 > the Pros and Cons

    Ok, I've given the game a good hour or so, and not totally sure how I feel about it yet. There are many pros and cons at the moment, and I've made this thread so we can all write up the pros and cons for people who potentially want to buy the game but are unsure what to expect. The reviews are...
  14. Kevthedrummer

    Winningelevenblog wave of negativity? Or is it me?

    Wasn't sure where to post this so put it here... Are any of them related to this site? Sorry if they are and if they read this... It just seems that from the latest video "interview" that they were a little negative. It's like they've done something that many of us would kill to do, be the...
  15. Kevthedrummer

    Wii version discussion

    Pro Wiivolution Soccer I don't care for the other thread, it's too big... But a Wii version? A little strange, looks like konami are going for a younger market with a Wii version? I guess it would be fun but I can't imagine playing the beautiful game on it? Not sure if the Wii is for...
  16. Kevthedrummer

    Skin Cancer

    For some reason, no matter how hard I try, my skin will not stay the same, it always defaults back to "Blue Insight" and as much as I like that, I prefer the "PESGaming" one (nice p, very nice) which changes back as soon as I locate to another forum page. Does anyone else have this problem...
  17. Kevthedrummer

    Who's up for a game with an online newbie

    like myself? I could do with a quick blast now, if anyone wants to try... where can we meet (which lobby etc?) the chances are you will win:shocking:
  18. Kevthedrummer


    Anyone want to play online? I played for the first time online last night and found it to be amazing, I'd like to play someone I at least vaguely know? Add me, I'm kevthedrummer
  19. Kevthedrummer

    PS3 Controllers

    I know it's kinda related, but not so much to pes... Does anone know if the dualshock 2 controllers will be compatible with the PS3 or will I have to fork out on proper ps3 ones if I want multiplayer action? Thank God those fake images of the boomerang style controllers were... well... fake!
  20. Kevthedrummer vs the highstreet?!

    I pre ordered on ready to recieve PES 6 a little bit earlier, but this is the second or third time in as many years that I've walked past a highstreet shop, (game today) and saw in the window "NOW SELLING PES 6" and I'm thinking... I wish I hadn't bought it from Play cos I then I'd be...