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  1. RedTed

    Rename thread title

    Hi, I would like to rename the title of one of my threads as the idea has changed from the original post, is this possible?
  2. RedTed

    [TEAMS] Classic Club sides PS4

    A joint project by Ratmundo, PESMotD, Donatoson, Slarkmeister and Pippjfreak Here are the list of teams to download: Tyne–Wear derby - Newcastle United FC versus Sunderland AFC Download Edinburgh derby - Heart of Midlothian FC versus Hibernian FC...
  3. RedTed

    Goal of the Month Competition

    I've been trawling through youtube looking for the best goals from PES2017. Here is September for you! For me it showcases just how amazing PES2017 is, such a wide variety of goals, skills and gameplay! A joy to make and hopefully a joy to watch. :laugh...
  4. RedTed

    Match of the Day GOTM

    Hello fellow football fans! Just two more days til the full version drops and I am hyped! I'm a long time PES player (started in 1997 on N64) and professional video editor. Can't wait to play PES2017 properly. Add me on PSN if you want to play against a Forest fan. I have a PES Youtube...
  5. RedTed

    The Referee's a ******

    A terrible goal kick puts the Arsenal striker clean through, a scything tackle from behind, professional foul at it's best, goal-scoring opportunity denied, clearly in the penalty box, easy decision.. RED card, PENALTY! BUT wait! The referee has been bribed by Barcelona and only gives...
  6. RedTed

    Custom chants

    Will we be able to edit the team chants in PES2017?
  7. RedTed

    Me again

    Long time PES player (1996 was my first experience of ISS) although haven't played solidly for a while. Looking to hit 2017 hard as I love the demo, it feels like it's back to its' best circa early 2000s. Will be uploading a lot of videos on release, planning on running the English leagues...