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    Fullbacks (sidebacks) watever you call them

    check if your position is sb or cb put them on cb and they stay down in defence. like playing with four central defenders. i got this from the official pes6 guide
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    What year is everyone in?

    I am in 2007. in division one with AC aquarius... that's a custom team. a question how can you win division 2 cup more than once? the only way is to get relegated to d2 and win it again or having two different teams?
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    pre-season friendlies

    damn.. thanks lads
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    pre-season friendlies

    Hello I went to fast after the season ended and clicked on ok and now I can't figure out how to program pre-season friendlies. I am directly in week 37 negotiations round 5... is there a way to schedule friendlies during the off-season.. this is my first ml season so i'd like to know. thank you
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    WE10 on 4 star

    i think it's too easy, when you play with a strong team, at one moment i wondered if i was playing on 5 stars or in 1 star :(
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    I offer my help

    I am willing to take all your goals and convert them to video with my capture card i recently set up fo those that can't put on video their amazing goals.. sincerely.
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    atletico nacional de colombia kit

    Hello I am wondering if someone could help me to make this kit, see picture attached.. I really want to have this kit on pes5 :) i have already imported the logo with compulsion tool but the 'postobon' logo, I don't know how.. if someone could help me out i'll be grateful thank you.
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    Deco near miss

    that's pure goalkeeper class.. as a goalkeeper myself that is just plain magnificient go and pick that kind of ball ***five gold stars ***
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    Your own kit designs

    hey; could you make this kit on the game? see the attached picture.
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    how could I make this kit into pes5

    hello if someone knows how I could put/ convert this kit into pro evolution soccer 5 I would be very grateful.. here is it. I would love to play with this kit in master league mode. thank you
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    register players

    overwrite? how.. I Just want to be able to play with classic england and have alain shearer as one of my strikers... but if it can't be done;. that's unfortunate...
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    ::Will Pro ever be fully licenced?::Predictions

    I asked the exact question a while ago;. this is football has way more players and teams to fifa itself.. but never anyone has said... it's because of this or that... always very vague answers.. But it's okay; i never play fifa, i never play tif, but i was just curious
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    register players

    is it possible to register player to classic teams? I want to put alain shearer in classic england... but i can't figure out how.. the game is winning eleven and soon pes5
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    Can Some One HELP Me Convert .xps To .max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

    ps2_Savebuilder does that conversion if you wish. it does the conversion.
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    convert xbox maxdrive saves to ps2 saves

    hello does anyone know if this is possible. I got a few saves I'd love to convert to ps2 but i don't know of any tool do you? thanks
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    Pro Evo 5 - Not Worth It At All!

    playing pes5 is a shock.. you feel a little weird.. that is always my feeling.. after seeing the same menus, the same things during 366 years.. from 15th october 2004 to 21 october 2006... and then your abruptly change;. you feel weird and are temted to go back to the old one... but after a...
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    Your first PES5 match?

    mine will be england against random or manchester united against random i click square and whoever comes but I never score in my first matches;. it takes me two weeks to win a match :(
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    just wondering about licensing

    why did they encrypted the kits on we9? If they know (konami) and don't care why encrypt kits and make them difficult to patch? was it mandatory by some law that forced them to do that? or is there another reason behind? now is a real challenge to have patched kits don't you think? patch...
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    just wondering about licensing

    that doesn't explain why the game 'this is football' can use them i saw it and it has way more than fifa players and clubs maybe it's the fifpro ??
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    just wondering about licensing

    about licensing. yes it comes on topic again.. I was just wondering why is it so difficult for konami to get licenses? it's being said it's because fifa has all the rights and konami has to make business with the clubs in private.. my question is why does other games such as 'this is football'...