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    PS3 Pes 2010 editor??

    Is there gonna be a pes 2010 editor for the ps3, its annoying i can change attack modes of players individually so they cant use all their cards , or is there a way to convert pc option files to ps3, and possibly for winning eleven 2010?
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    PES 2010 feints tutorial HD

    Im gona use that vid tutorial and try them out, lovely skills there mate and nice vid.
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    Henry curler ( using secret L1 curl shot )

    that goal was just special :D, can it be done on pes2010??
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    Watch him Go, and *Humiliate the Keeper* :)

    can u upload video on youtube, hate downloading files :p
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    Alex Hleb

    lol love feints, they rele work magic, decent goal though
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    My Best Goal Ever (by Renaldo), Must see

    was alrite goal lol
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    C. Ronaldo Solo run and finish Vs. Lyon in ML

    couldnt find vid, can u re-upload or explain it?
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    Aaron Lennon wonder goal!!!

    looooool! love the way u turn ur camera sideways like its a gun :p, well that goal was hawt
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    Messi run

    nice rabona
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    What editor works for xbox360 Option File

    Hi, I've been browsing around and i found some excellent editors such as goldorakillers and W!lds editor, both awesome, im just wandering if there is a way edit stats on pc to my xbox360 without doing ingame or any programs. thankts to any1 who read, any help appreciated or suggetionsras i want...
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    how can i make badges and flags

    I gots an xbox :(, and i need to know how to make the badges, flags and maybe faces.... as i cant download from pc to xbox(not sure if its possible)...pleasee help me wise ones,