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    night lighting

    As i said in my thread i think i found a way to eliminate night matches every single time. Konami cups seem to have random pitches and for me 70% of the matches have been during the day. Create your own competitions and teams using konami cup with home and away matches.
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    Pes 13 fixtures always at night

    I think i may have a fix for this. Since there are no leagues for some reason, I have decided to make and choose my own teams using konami cup, setting the game type to home and away matches. This has given me a mixture of both day and night, I am not too far on the cups but ive seen about 4 out...
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    No league mode in pes this year

    There are no leagues. What I do is make a Konami cup and just make my own leagues as best i can, the funny thing is if you go to edit cup/leagues the seria a, portuguese league, spanish leagues etc...logos are there to be edited yet they dont even exist.
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    Game looks jagged

    Also, his tv is top of the line sharp quattros and way newer than mine. Dont let marketing fool you. I will only buy samsung
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    Game looks jagged

    It depends on the tv itself. My samsung displays images beautifully, games and movies and its a 40". My buddys 52" sharp looks like shit and games lag on it. It depends on the tv not the game. Research best tvs for gaming before u purchase a tv.
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    Pes 13 fixtures always at night

    The problem is the fact that pes looks beautiful in daylight fixtures. I dont understand why they cant incorporate daytime in competition, konami gives the players no freedom as fifa does. I can play a daylight fixture game as a exhibition match but i dont feel like im amounting to anything...
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    Pes 13 fixtures always at night

    Is there anyway to change the time of day in pes competition fixtures. They always seem to be at night and it feels like im playing the same match over and over again. Ive played tons of fixtures in european, konami and international cup and it's always night time. The pitch isnt easy on the eyes.