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    [PS3 UK] GTM / OPE PES 2013 Option File (BLES 01708)

    according to glen this option file doesnt use any prequel data... I dont had any crashes yet
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    [PS3 UK] GTM / OPE PES 2013 Option File (BLES 01708)

    i can confirm that it works with Bles 01710 (german version). Thanks Glen! great file! apreciate your work. i recognised two little things. the team emblems of Eintracht Frankfurt and Greuter Fürth are not right. Thanks again :D
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    [PS3 UK] GTM / OPE PES 2013 Option File (BLES 01708)

    i guess all option files are compatible with the different bles-codes... so i guess you can choose whatever optionfile you want.... NUR DIE SGE!!!! :D HEY EINTRACHT FRANKFURT!!!!
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    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    does this file have the same problems with crashes like the wneb v.2 file?
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    No league mode in pes this year

    I just hate these game making companies nowadays. they just release unfinished products which need to be patched several times.... come on this is just redicules. What if you want to play a game several years after its release and you dont have to latest patch cause these servers are not up...
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    Music for Pes 2013

    i believe its only 8 songs in total.... not that good....
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    No league mode in pes this year

    this online hype is just shit.... theres noting better than play with your mates offline and have an ice cold beer ;-)
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    [PS3] WENB PES2013 Option File - Part 1.5

    you have to download the DLC before installing the optionfile
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    [PS3] WENB PES2013 Option File - Part 1.5

    yeah noticed it too. Modric is in the "other Country" section. just like reus and gündogan. the fake reus and gündogan are at dortmund. the "real" ones in this country section... and you cant transfer them from this section to their respective teams... why?
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    [PS3] WENB PES2013 Option File - Part 1.5

    hey, i downloaded version 2 and its great! thanks ;-)... but i recognised that there are two Marco Reus players. one is created by your team and he is at dortmund. the other one created by konami is in the "other Land" section. same thing with gündogan. Did i mess up something? thanks again...
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    Disabling autosave

    no its not about cheatig. why should you do that? its just totally anoying if the game saves after every game.....
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    How do I turn off Autosave in ML

    yeah hope they fix this... if you saved it once manually the auto save is on again. dont understand this....
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    Commentary options

    Hey guys, just wanted to know wich language options for commentary you have in your copy... my copy Bles 01710 (german PS3 version) has only : -german (These commentators suck:innocent:) -french -italiano -greece (I guess) In PES 2012 i used to listen to the spanish commentators. but this...
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    How do I turn off Autosave in ML

    thanks sophie! I´ll try that... got start all over again with ML. but thats worth it.... more time efficient ;-)
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    [PS3] WENB PES2013 Option File - EU VERSION (BLES-01708)

    thanks for this file! it works with my 01710 copy. but when i install it i can only see about ca. 125 files in total.... is that right or are there some files missing? maybe the bles 01710 copy doesnt recognise all of them... thanks! keep up the good work!
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    How do I turn off Autosave in ML

    This pisses me off aswell. man its so painfull to watch. and it doesnt save fast... it takes quiete a few seconds. hope they fix it with a patch....
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    Bles code !!!

    Dudes! this is an english speaking forum. So it would be kind to stick to that. My Bles-code is 01710. I bought my copy in germany....
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    [BLES01408] Abstruso, Jay-Jay10 & Friendz DES OF - Complete German 1./2. Bundesliga

    nice work on the optionfile! Really appreciate the work you put into this! found two things that are not right.... -Matmour from Eintracht Frankfurt has no face... it says "no data" when you look at him. - Swansea City´s team logo is missing. Its still the default logo. Thanks...
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    How long/huge should be the chant-files?

    Hey, does anybody know how long the playing time of the chants can be? is it possible the use large files were many chants of one team are combined to one large file? or does pes 2009 only play the chant-file for a small period of time and then start it all over again?
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    how do you remove a whole option file and add another??

    here is a link to a chant tutorial: havent tried it yet, but that should be the way to do it....