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    No league mode in pes this year

    Yip its true no league or community mode in pes this year what a joke konami
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    1-1champions league final what happened next

    1-1 champions league final one minute of notmal time remaining I get a corner and guess what my keeper decides he's coming up for the corner ball gets punted up the park and I'm 2-1 down has this goalie lark happened to anyone else lol
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    How do online ranking points work ?

    Can anyone tell me how online ranking points work I am currently in div 4 I drew 0-0 with a div2 player and only gained 1 point wtf
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    Xbox 360 version v ps3

    Got the game on both consoles played over 2hours on each format here are my are way better on 360 ps3 looks washed out a bit like f1 this year on ps3. Idont know why this is but the game also plays better on 360 more responsive passing. I don't know if it's down to the...
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    Can't win online

    Played 8 games won only once lost all other games by 1 goal.why do I get paired with div1 players when I'm in div5.anyone got any formation tips to get out the rut I'm in
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    Different stadium different camera

    Go to monumental on wide cam and the games camera reverts to pes 11 it also does it at wembley to I thought I had loaded last years game the camera is more zoomed in and gameplay is better as a result try it and see
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    Is EA paying the reviewers

    Can't believe some of the crap from the rewiews inc gamers fifas career ode well better than master league I've played FIFA and the gameplay in inferior fact
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    Ist demo not coming to 360

    John murphy has tweeted they will be no ist demo for 360. But 2nd. Demo just around the corner
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    option file timescale

    Just trying to work out what version of this years game to buy 360 or ps3 I prefer 360 but I know it takes longer to edit anyone any idea when we can expect option files this year ps. The guys that produce these files do a brilliant job and make my enjoyment of the game so much better
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    New PES 2012 actual full game gameplay wow

    Just head over evo web for the video looks great managers walking the touchline etc gameplay looks much better Here's the video: Q51HrHjB1Zk&feature=feedf
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    Ideas for a special edition pes 2012

    Why not have an hd version of pes 5 or 6 with online play then if the game turns out poor everyone will still be happy come on konami medal of honour did it last year
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    pes 10 strategy guide

    can someone please tell me if this is availiable this year i purchase it every year and usually receive it 4 or 5 days before release but cant find it anywhere
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    xbox 360 online demo

    sorry cant post this
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    seebass game is slower

    seebass has announced over on pesfan that the final code is slower and improvements where being implemented right up until the last few weeks
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    no pes demo until week of release

    check this click on pes 5 article source
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    copying files to pc

    sorry in advance i am a novice at this could someone please tell me how i get the downloaded files to play in the game please help thanks in advance