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  1. dynamoking

    [PS3] 19BJK03's OF - Turkish Süper Lig & PTT 1. League [EU]

    Sehr gute Arbeit, mein Freund. Mach weiter so! Habs auch mal bewertet.
  2. dynamoking

    Post your current MLO squad + info/ratings

    Today 5 times "0-Euro Quit" in a row..... Unbelievable...
  3. dynamoking

    Best Formation for MLO?

    Hi folks, I would like to ask you, what is the best successful formation for the MLO? I am disabled on my eyes, so I am playing much Co-Trainer matches, too. So I would be glad, if someone can give some tips and show me some graphic of good formation.
  4. dynamoking

    Master League Online (MLO)

    Do you play the "Master League Online"? So visit and discuss on my new MLO-Facebook-Site:
  5. dynamoking Demo Patch 2.50 Bundesliga Demo Patch 2013 2.50 DOWNLOAD PART 1 DOWNLOAD PART 2 DOWNLOAD PART 3 If PES 12 is not installed: DOWNLOAD dt0d.img Part 1 DOWNLOAD dt0d.img Part 2 FEATURES - 79 new Teams - All 18 Bundesliga Teams + Dresden - All 20 Premier League Teams - Many...
  6. dynamoking

    PES 2013 Demo 1: Feedback, Impressions, Discussions etc.

    PS3 Demo is online in EU-Store now!
  7. dynamoking

    [STADIUM] The Stadium Creation Thread (Index in 2nd Post)

    Could someone build the stadium from Fenerbahce Istanbul (Sükrü Saracoglu)? This would be nice!
  8. dynamoking

    [FACES] Faces by Iceman8m

    Hi my friend, please could you do actually face of Mario Balotelli and Miguel Veloso?
  9. dynamoking

    [LEAGUE] The Mexican Primera Division Creation Thread

    Great kits of Cruz Azul, my friend!
  10. dynamoking

    [FACES] Faces by Maquiavelo (no request)

    Nice face of "Van Hoojdonk"
  11. dynamoking

    MLO Formations and Players Thread!

    Hi guys, I think it would be nice, if the users can show there formations and ask for players. So there will be a discussion about the MLO. Here´s my team: I would like to make a little change.... do someone know some CHEAP right and left defender?
  12. dynamoking

    [KITS] Nemisiskidd PNG's 2012

    Is there the new Arsenal Home and GK kit,too??? Can´t find it :( Away kit looks great!
  13. dynamoking

    Editing Questions Thread

    Hi guys, hope someone can tell me, how to decrypt the Optionfile (bin-File) for PS3? Hope this is possible on PS3.
  14. dynamoking

    Editing Questions Thread

    It isn´t at Saved data utility on my ps3 :( Hope someone can find a way through
  15. dynamoking

    Editing Questions Thread

    Hi guys, i have a question for Plattform PS3. Is it possible, to get the MLO save-file from the ps3 ? I know, it is possible on PC Version, but on PS3... :( Hope someone get it.
  16. dynamoking

    [BLES01406] Nemisiskidd's Complete OF

    Great Job,my Friend!
  17. dynamoking

    Fifa 12 Ultimate Team Connection disconnected :(

    Hi guys I have bought Fifa 12 for PS3. ... now I have a Problem with the Ultimate Team Modus. After a match in the Ultimate Team Modus I will disconnected... there is the message The Connection with the EA Servers are broken" and then I am back at the Main Fifa 12 menü :( I get no coins and...