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  1. mufcsean


    Gamertag/ID: mufcsean88 Console: Xbox 360 mostly play FIFA11
  2. mufcsean

    What are you currently playing?

    Medal of Honor (2010) (XBox360) Very good, i've only played about 30 mins of it but i love it already.
  3. mufcsean

    FIFA 11 demo v pes 11 demo

    I cant make my mind up, both are OK but both have their faults. The camera angle is doing my head in more than anything else on PES2011 to be honest. My first goal on PES2011 4hMyoZGvEyQ
  4. mufcsean

    Mafia 2

    Had a quick go on it this afternoon and it isn't anything special from the first 20 mins that i played, has a very similar feel to the godfather games
  5. mufcsean

    What are you currently playing?

    Gone back to playing Fight Night Round 4 today and I still love it.
  6. mufcsean

    World Cup starting line ups (request)

    There are loads of sites with starting line ups on, try and go through each mach individualy or using the same concept,
  7. mufcsean

    What are you currently playing?

    2010 World Cup, Split Second Velocity & UFC 2010
  8. mufcsean

    Fight Night Round 4

    I am finally G.O.A.T :D
  9. mufcsean

    Would you like Pes 2010 if there was a womens' league?

    I wouldn't not like the game because it had a womens league, but as I would never use apart from once to do what Dale said :naughty: I feel it would be unnecessary, instead of adding womens teams, add some more big teams that arent in the game.
  10. mufcsean

    Fix The GK's

    That is what i said in my post here
  11. mufcsean

    Fight Night Round 4

    How do you go about getting these boxers then? I haven't really ventured out of the legacy mode yet.
  12. mufcsean

    Fight Night Round 4

    I've hardly stopped playing this since i got it and I have to say it is just brilliant. The legacy mode is better than what is used to be, i find the training very had, especially the one where you have to move from zone to zone, the boxer doesn't move fast enough. I started out as a...
  13. mufcsean

    Hands on reviews [coming soon]

    You're right, that sounds extremely like disappointment.
  14. mufcsean

    Fight Night Round 4

    I got the game today and its very good, it is a shame you can't change the controls but I got used to them easily. Some of the ratings for the boxers are just ridiculous though.
  15. mufcsean

    Playstation 3

    Is that aimed at what I said, if so then no, i just meant that it looks shit, i would much rather just keep it shiny black. I own a ps3 and xbox 360 so i am not a fanboy in any way
  16. mufcsean

    Playstation 3

    It took me ages to figure out what that was. Very clever but looks shit.
  17. mufcsean

    Ideas Compilation Post.

    Very good idea putting all this into a list. konami announced today that the ML will include the Champions League and the Europa league
  18. mufcsean

    My take on what needs improving.

    1. How long have you been playing PES? Since ISS 98 2. What are the aspects that you like most about PES? It is the most realistic out there. 3. What are the aspects that you don’t like about PES? See Below Despite all that is wrong with the last few games in the series, i still buy the game on...
  19. mufcsean

    What games are you waiting for?

    Xbox 360: Fight Night Round 4 Hei$t Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Batman: Arkham Asylum FIFA 10 Need For Speed: Shift Dead Rising 2 Army Of Two: The 40th Day Kane & Lynch 2 Saw: The Video Game (It will be wank but I want to see how it is) PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer Left 4 Dead 2 Nintendo DS...
  20. mufcsean

    What are you currently playing?

    9/10 I am about half way through I think and so far it is just amazing, not like any game I have played before to be honest, though parts remind of Resident Evil 5, not gameplay wise but if you play both you will see what I mean.