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¢Ħλ®₤ỉξ-[14] PES 2011 PNG´s for PS3

the nameless

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Sorry to hijack your thread Charlie, but I made myself the Everton shirts. The home one is a bit rough around the collar - sorry about that.

Home - Blue - 2, 8, 25. Away - Amber - 23, 19, 0

On the away kit, I use Navy (0, 2, 6) collar and cuffs, to match the logos, and for the home trims, I use the away amber colour.

If anyone wants to use these as a base to change them for their own variations, feel free. It should be said that I started them both from earlier Jack Who Bra's templates, and edited them myself. BTW, the away kit is alot less gold in game.

If anyone can tell me why the IMG tags or attachments wont work, maybe I will then be able to share these kits. Lets try this.

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Ciao qualcuno può farmi la maglia della sampdoria rossa postata qualche giorno fa?

sorry bro i dont speak italian but if u are talking about the sampdoria kits u posted before, i dont make game licensed teams

UPDATED MEXICO GK KIT change the template (look on 1st post or searching by mexico with the search option)


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4th update to the MLS teams to 2011 kits

Chivas USA: ice blue 2/14/22 - blue 0/2/4
/ ------- GK ------- /

Columbus Crew:
/ ------- GK ------- /

Houston Dynamo:
/ ------- GK ------- /

San Jose Earthquakes: lime 20/28/11
/ ------- GK ------- /



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I was wondering if anyone could teach me how to make the kits .. I just got Photoshop and I'm gonna have a lot of free time during the summer ..please tell me everything follow me on twitter @killacarrillo


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Charlie, would you make some brazilian league PNGs? I found some, but they are not as top quality as yours.

If you can, tell me so I can send you images. If not, no problem :)


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can anyone do the argentina 94 kit?

Gk kit is almost same of the picture. The squares blue is light purple and the green squares is pink. The logo not in the middle but in the right.


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Chivas USA: yellow 31/26/3
/ ------- GK ------- /

DC United: lime 20/28/11
/ ------- GK ------- /

Toronto FC: yellow 31/26/3
/ ------- GK ------- /

this is a week with a lot of new kits. i´ve seen the pictures for this teams:
Arsenal home & gk
AC Milan home (dont do ingame licensed teams)
Paraguay national team away
Galatasaray kits leaked
...and i listen that today is going to be Schalke away, on friday Manchester United home, and friday 13 Barca kits


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Hola amigo !! tu kits son geniales
tengo un pedido para ti la nueva away de paraguay

gracias amigo