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2. Bundesliga kits/emblems/players HELP NEEDED!


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Good day,

I'm helping out Glen the Magpie in an extension of his brilliant EU option file. My task is to replace the nPower Championship with the 2.Bundesliga for a full German option file for BLES 01407.

I'm desperately looking for kit formulas and png's for the various team kits.

Also I please need player lists for the teams.

I'm new to the whole editing thing and don't know how to create this or where to get the resources create the png's.

If someone could please help me with this, and possible send me some png's for 2.Bundesliga teams as well as kit formulas if they have.

I would greatly appreciate any help I can get and will definitely mentioned all the involved parties when the option file is launched!

Many Thanks


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I'm not helping here but do you know where I can get a list of which bundesliga players are already in the game?


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WOW great stuff man! Many thanks!
Awesome that you added the color codes as well!
So helpful!
Rep up for you man!

thnks man, ill need 2 add new colour codes for most of the kits as those fit the pes 2011 colour code and not 2012, shudlnt be long.


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As you may have noticed, most of the Barca muppets like to push alot of players forward, sometimes with around 6 players in your own half so even with "Super Defensive" setting in your team you will be able to score against them in a counter attack or by possession and frustration in midfield because their wings will be pushing up your flanks and their flanks will be exposed... They will have hard time abusing the "through passes" because your defense is deep so they won't get many opening on goal using through passes, also the same applies for running with Messi and co because they have alot of defense to dribble while keeping a man marking Messi all the time once he touches the ball.