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2019/20 Teamwear Templates


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Hello friends, long time no see! I kinda had a few things come up in real life which prevented me from being able to make PES kits, and by the time I was able to create again, we were half-way through the season and all of the kits had been made elsewhere.

Anyway, today I return to start a new chapter. Several manufacturers such as Adidas, Puma and Nike have released their teamwear for next season. Rather than wait for teams to release kits which use these teamwear templates next season, I am in the process of creating the teamwear kits ready for you all to use.

I'll link my blog here as I need the clicks, and I don't have the time to upload every single file to the forums. On the blog are Photoshop and GIMP files, meaning you are all free to recolour the original teamwear templates and use and include them as you see fit.

Also, I haven't put in colour formulas because for one, I don't have the tools for it anymore - and two, you can make your own colours from the editable files.

My one request is to not add your own watermark and claim the work as your own, as I have not included my own watermark because these files are for the whole community, belong to the whole community, and are free for you all! :D

Some examples of what you can find on the blog are below. Next up will be Nike teamwear.



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Great to see you back man. You should create a Twitter account for your kits, I could help you with promotion so people will follow you