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[360] Teams sharing thread.


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Thank you master!

Edit: I have Daymos patch and I can't import this team? Why? I just injected this file on my USB stick and copied it to my Xbox 360 but in the import team menu I don't have this team...


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mmmm that is weird, did u scroll all the way down?
Try to cancel it from the USB stick and import it again,
let me know.
does anyone have the same problem?
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mmm not really, but I think there is a guy who did all the Scottish Premiere League somewhere on this forum or somewhere else.
Which team are you looking for?

That would be me but what console? Xbox I got ready but haven't updated the rosters and the kits are conversions from daymos SPL option 2011 carriered over into Pes 2012. Otherwise, I have quite a lot of everything SPL regardless of version ( I have blus30805) I wish I had a uk version.


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hey guys i was just wondering if this was the only place to get individual team import files for the xbox 360? or do you guys know of another website that has them available for download?
I have used to Anzhi and Lech files and they are great! hoping for more to become available.



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Guys, I stop here, at this point with almost all the leagues finished it doesnt make sense to go on, PES 13 is incoming...Maybe I will upload just some more as I have Dynamo Moskow half done