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3rd Difficulty


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I´ve just started playing PES6 with the superpatch, and i´ve noticed that the 3rd difficulty is still tooo freakin hard. There is no possible way for me to score. On the second difficulty, i can with by 5-10 goals easily, but on the third it´s just a dead end.

I´m using a costom master leage team, i have a lot of young players, but thay are still not bad. Messi, Agüero (or what ever his name is) and the like. But the 3rd difficulty is still too hard. And the second is to easy.

THe last 8 games i´ve played i played 8 straight 0-0. Those were not very fun matches.

I need some serious help.


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you l get thru it just stick too it,when i get a new pes i only play on 3 star,win a comp or ml then go too 4 then 5.but it is difficult when you 1st switch but youl begin too learn good methods of scoring and be able too predict what the cpu is going too better after a few games.


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I don't see what's the difficult part is, I play full 6 stars, and it's easy. I've won 8 league titles already in 8 years.