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A kick in the nuts for Brazil(curtosy of holland)

Did you like the kick in the nuts??

  • Justice has been done :D

    Votes: 8 44.4%
  • Yes

    Votes: 1 5.6%
  • Next time, a BIT harder

    Votes: 4 22.2%
  • Over-reacting scum

    Votes: 5 27.8%

  • Total voters


The Spikiest maracca
when i try to add part 2 it wont let me becuase i always exceed the 1.0Mb thing.How can i stop this so you can all see Part 2??

ok just had a thought, if you tell me when youve all downloaded part 1, i will put part 2 up.


There is no link or attachment for part one.

Make the parts smaller?
If you need help with rarring up the file, PM me.


The Spikiest maracca
yeah, Z i cant get it to work!!
i rarred it up and tested it, its fine.but the file is 1.2 Mb and the file thing on this website is 1.0Mb so i cant put both parts on the net so im not gonna bother till this problem is figured out.


Registered User
Could you not put one half up and ask someone else to put the other half up who hasn't uploaded anything yet...


spikey, send me the file through MSN and I'll reduce the size for you.
I'll be on there now and for a short while.


Registered User
That's a pretty fast clip, but you can just make out the look of pure terror on Ronaldinho's face!
Very amusing. Not for him though, obviously.