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Accepting an invite while in a match


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I was in a match yesterday, with a minute to go, i had an invite sent to me which I accepting thinking that it would inform the sender to wait and as soon as the current game is over it would connect to the new game.

But to my shock it quit the current game.

After playing 60 on games and having my far share of "quiters". The above incident has made me think that some of the suposed quiters on our blacklist may be accidental.


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Well i was thinking about that again. I think it could also be their annoyance at suffering bad lag. Ok the thing to do then if they have the headset is to come out and say the game is playing laggy. But yeah there are a few things which are pretty bad on live at the mo.


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Most players do quit cos they're losing. 90% of quits against me have been when I've scored and waiting for them to kick-off again...when you see they haven't moved for a few seconds you just know that they've ran off scared


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how many times has your game crashed at a corner or freekick? mines does it then says the opponent has quit, but im pretty sure thats down to connection lost as once it happened i was 4-3 down with 10 to play.