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Adding players to national teams without deleting some..


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Hi there
1-I saw some option files contain many players in national teams (more than 22 players)..But the in-game editor doesn't support more than 22...How can I add more players to the existing 22 player in national teams ? using some software PES2008 editor maybe ?

2-Where can I find Vagnor Love in the game ?? he's not found in that team thingy , CSCA Moscow or the other Moscow team ... How can I add him to the Brazilian national team ?

3-Can someone give me a link to an option file containing all the corrected player names (including the classsic and hidden players) ..i.e.corrected all texts in the game(only badges no stats change...)
Thanks in advance...


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Its spelt Vagner Love and i dont think CSKA are in the game. See if it works now. For the other stuff check in the patches section of the forum.


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OK about Vagner Love(or Bathlin .. but the question is how to add more than 22 players in national teams (like people did in PES6) ?? cause register a player option doesn't accept that , only replacing players....