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AI Questions


New Member
1. Why is it when the COM team is trailing in the second half that they have infinite Stamina to run around constantly and put hyperpressure on you? Along the same lines, they also gain hyper super speed to accomplish their goal of never letting you actually posses the ball. In addition, if they get within 5 feet of you they automatically get the ball back. I understand a team amping things up to put pressure on to get the draw, but they shouldn't become superhuman to do so. The game is enjoyable until I have the lead and then it just becomes unbearable

2. Along the same lines as the first question, why is the answer to higher difficulties that the other teams all have infinite stamina and their pace becomes unplayable? Their pace is so high that if I receive a pass they just run past me and take it off of me while I gain possession and since I have no manual way to try and shield the ball they just automatically take it from me. Please add a manual shielding feature so that I can prevent CPU from automatically taking the ball off of me.

3. Glad that penalties are being worked on, but now I get flagged for everything whereas thy still get away with stuff when they take the ball off of me. Can you tone down the fouls against?

4.Football players are athletes! Why is it my 80+ stamina players are almost dead within the first ten minutes of the game. I don't spam the run button, but yet they still are basically dead in the water within the first 15 to 20 minutes of the game. Once the second half comes around they are functionally useless. Also, the computer doesn't see to ever become tired.

5. Why is my teammate AI dramatically different fom the CPU AI. I have my steal the ball back set to aggressive. Yet my players fall back and make no effort to go after the ball and pressure the other team. When I have the ball, I quite literally have 2 or 3 men spamming their run abilities chasing me around the field tackling, slide tackling, or just plain pushing me around trying to get the ball. When the CPU enters my box, they can freely dribble around trying to find a position to shoot the ball because my teammates make no effort to actually take the ball off of them so I constantly feel like I have to control everyone. When I get the ball in their box, I get gang tackled.

6. Team spirit sucks! I make small modifications and it drops 10 points making the game unplayable, whereas I go on a ten game winning streak and it bearly goes up 2 or 3 points. You have made team spirit such a vital part of how the game plays, but make it almost impossible to attain reasonable levels. If I want to modify my tactics against certain teams, I am punished for doing so. I don't mind it shifting a couple of points because of the slightly different tactics, but you should at least balance that out by letting it raise the same amount when pulling off a win.