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[ALL] Milanista's And Mike's Option File V3.8**Summer Update**


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Milanista, Mike

Do you have the option file for the american version of PES in .xps or .sps formats?


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since im new to this can someone please tell me how i get this on my ps3 and do i need something



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Please i need help!!

It doesn´t work for me i have an German PS3.

I´ved followed the constructions but it should not work

first ive made the folder PS3 then EXPORT then PSV and into the PSV file but my ps 3 don´t wont to read it.

sorry for my english i´m german

Pes Engin

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Have this option file every team of the Bundesliga and have this option file the turkish teams Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Galatasaray?


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This is the American Version WEPES2007.

This is the American Version WEPES2007.

The problem is that the faces are mixed up...actually in the WEPES2007 you have more original faces than PES6. So what you can do is just go and default the FACE of the wrong players...but be careful some players are edited previous players and defaulted will bring back the previous one. What would be good is to default all the national players all the Best Star Players are there. If you see that the player looks weird when you have defaulted his face...just go back without accepting the changes. I corrected mine and everything is OK. Then you'll just have to update only a very few transfers.

This may help you:


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Nice, one of the bests ( if not THE ) OF for PES6.
But....u20 squads are SO, SO, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong. At least Argentina squad ( Palacio is 25 years old and cant be in the squad, Banega is a midfielder, Ustari wasnt the goalie in Canada WC, you are missing Di Maria among others , Maxi Lopez shouldn`t be there and you shuld boost the stats a little bit...after all, Argentina is won that WC )


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Heh, patience...he has to get all the jersey numbers confirmed from the most recent transfers, and that could take some time. Plus there's testing the file to make sure everything else is correct. It's a lot of work.


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Squad numbers of recently transferred players aren't that important. Anyone with half a brain can update those in ten minutes after downloading the file.


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Excellent.... just downloaded v4 and will test shortly (PS3). Will there also be a PSP version as before ?


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PSP version? 3.8 was awesome!

Does anyone know if I can integrate the new file into my existing saved file or do i have to start the master league again?



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Could somebody make a german bin/cue, please? Would be great! Not everbody has a maxdrive. I don´t know one.

Or if there is any instruction I will try myself.