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All My Premiership Kits


Registered User
pro evo 4

hey united 4 eva can u please teel me how u made the premirship tops and the logos please.

i realy need them


Registered User
Yo man, these logos and stuff helped me loads, because I got WE9 ive made good kits and now i can make erm better, il post a picture when ive finished
Thanks man


New Member
them kits are pretty cool, cant be bothered recreating my other kits on PES4 because PES5 is out this week, but these kits you have posted here i shall be using most of them to make the kits on PES5.


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The Manchester City 2nd white kit isn't used much any more, their 3rd one, yellow and black is a good one, the 2nd is a navy blue one.

Top Work though


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done man u home

shirt - red
1. b1(black)
2. c1(black)
3. a16(white)
4. a2(white)

a10 white, black, white, white

socks c4 black, red, black

have done spurs h and 3rd, bolton home and brazil but will wait for feedback on this kit before posting them


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I got an update fink its unofficial, everything sorted on dere, ALL the kits r perfect, including international and all the badges and dat dun and everyting bin bought in the shop!!!!!!:D