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[ALL] pategato & goalgerd Ultimate OF


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HoboTeam presents:​

All new Del Perio/Plf/Bagrunnel stat database,for more realistic gameplay in all modes:

The same awesome gameplay of our V2.0 and V2.5 World Soccer option files.

Most teams and star players improved for more realistic experience

All Summer transfers completed

100% Correct Club Team Names.
100% Correct Player Names.
100% Correct Stadium Names.
100% Correct Squad Numbers
100% Correct League and Cup Names.
100% Team Formations

No More Duplicate Players.

All international team squads and kits updates

All international squads updated,retired players replaced

All shop items unlocked.

All promoted teams in all leagues included.

For the first time in the pategato & goalgerd OF series: Fully updated Bundesliga in other leagues C.

All 07/08 Champions League teams all present and correct including:

CSKA Moscow
Shaktar Donetsk
Slavia Prague
Steaua Bucharest

All South American teams in other leagues B:

Boca Juniors
River Plate
Sao Paulo
and new team included: Gremio (Copa Libertadores runners-up)

Full new line of boots, with latest models, from all main manufacturers.

77+ Licensed kits edited. :shocking: :w00t

All club teams now in correct stadiums or stadium that are similiar to their own stadiums

All team captains,free kick and corner kick takers updated

All captains armbands updated, country and club

All of the top players appearances improved including new hairstyles for added realism

500+ new apps for every league.

All Shops players overwritten.

200+ new young players from all teams for better master league experience,missing players added.

Huge thanks to:

pesBIGfan, red-town, cabj_palacios, jasperinho, Mike_G_2k, Eder JR, obsi1, PESFAN editing area, PESRevolution editing area, PESGaming edit area.




WE 2007


NOTE (1):

WE 2007 PC might have faces bug, WE 2007 PC has yet another faces configuration.

NOTE (2):

PSP files have all shop items locked. There's no way to unlock them like PS2 or PC OF's, the only way to do so, is to play the game, earn money, and buy everything.

NOTE (3):

Directions to use PS3 compatible OF:

1. On your usb, create a folder called ps3
2. In the ps3 folder, create a folder called EXPORT
3. In the Export folder, create a folder called PSV
4. In the PSV folder, put this file. (option file goes in here)
5. When you display all on your USB on the ps3 menu, you will want to go follow this hierarchy (folder path) to the file.
6. Copy the file onto a new memory card. Assign the card to slot 1 prior to playing.
7. Enjoy the file.

Hope this helps. It may say it's corrupt - just try it again until it doesn't cause it's not. This happens for some reason.

Hi guys!I am new to this and i clicked on the link of pes 6 for PC OF!It opened gamefront and it says (File not found) and it is redirecting me at gamefront's home page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ANY HELP PLZZZZ:crymore::crymore::crymore::(


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Hi Guys!!!I have a problem with this.I click at PES 6 OF for PC and it opens a window to gamefront saying file not found.Can u help me with this plzzz or upload it somewhere else like Mediafire,Megaupload,etc.!!!!!!!!


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Guys I need a bit of help!!!!!!When I click at PES 6 OF for PC sends me in gamefront which says file not found.After that it is redirecting me at gamefront Home Page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Plzzzzzzz some help:(:(:(:(:(