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[ALL] PES5 Watson V4.0 Option File: Season 2006/2007 Update


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pategato said:
Texas, where are you at? USA? send me a copy of your file and I'll add what you need, ok?

Thanks alot pategato but there's a slight problem. I don't actually have a max drive, my mate came by with his max drive and did it for me. Im new to all this you see and i use to just edit the default file in the game. That's why I'd prefer someone posting the two appearences for Ibrahimovich and Tevez on here or pm them to me. I'd be very greatful, oh yeah thanks again pategato.


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Great job watson the only thing i have now that i don't see the shirt selection for my team colors.
i play with barcalona do i have 2 start a new masterleage ??

greatings kokkie


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That's because WE10 would only recognize an OF of WE9 but the Japanese version. It could be WE 10 compatible but with WE10 international.


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Is there a way i can put the OF on the xbox without the Max Drive CD. I've lost the CD but i have the Max Drive.


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you can download the maxdrive software from the codejunkies website if you need it again. if you already have it on your pc then you dont need the cd again


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Next question - I attempt to put the file on the max drive, but, it says it's not a valid xbox save.

EDIT: Nevermind, done it. =]


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is this better than blue's? i know atson had more help than blue. but is it better? i heard watsons had a better apperance, but thats about it.