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ALL READ - gutted


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i have just sold my ps2 with pro evo 6 on the understanding i could get it for my xbox.... BUT!!! just like a big kick in the privates i realise that pes6 hasn't been released on the xbox :eek:( and ive gone and got rid of the ps2 now....... why oh why hasnt this game been releasted on the xbox? i hear its a load of dump on the 360 though, the best thing is ive just gone and bought the offical guide for it as well :eek:( im well and truely gutted all ive got is the prospect of pro evo 5 :eek:( or just to real the book lol although i could play fifa 07..... but sayin that id rather eat dog turd than play that,
all i can say is its my own fault really, but aint it sh1t that its not bean realsed on the xbox? does anyone know why tho?

if anyone has got any sugestions to a good game on the xbox old or new i welcome the challenge im sick of drug dealing on scarface now lol


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kiss me arse you dick no1 told made you click on did they, the ammount of crap posts when other ppl leave your tellin me what i can and cant write piss off little girl


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well, nobody does care. thats why nobody has replied except me, to say we dont care.
and by the way i didn't say you couldnt write that. I just said that no-one cares.


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Shouldve put all read - im retarded...

But seriously make sure u can get the game first next time, dont just assume you can


Sin City
Bad day for you then eh. I have actually done similar things in the past, and I tell you, feelings not good. But it' s not the end of the world..... it' s just a game ( :ninja: ). Erm, I dunno, if you really want PES then try to get an PS2 and PES6 for Chrimbo, or summin'. Bet you feel pissed off, nonetheless.


kiss me arse you dick no1 told made you click on did they, the ammount of crap posts when other ppl leave your tellin me what i can and cant write piss off little girl

Actually you did, in the thread title. Consider your words more carefully in future.

And don't be so sensitive.

The Stig

Were on a thing called the internet here mate. Why the fuck didn't you check around on sites to see if it was out for normal XBOX before getting rid of your PS2.


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PES6 is not on the Xbox? I honestly didn't know that. I always purchase PES on the PS2 and will continue to do so until the PS3 has been released.

Call me a conspiracist but have the Japanese producers deliberately overlooked releasing the game on the Xbox? They haven’t exactly done a great job on Microsoft’s 360 (an American console), which is a far more sophisticated console than Sony’s PS2 (Japanese) and the handheld PSP. How on earth can you have more editing facilities on the PSP than the 360?


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Did they release PES6 on PS1?? NO, why not you say, because its an old format, no longer needed, obsolete. Although the original xbox is not obsolete because the 360 is out it has become the Microsoft version of the PS1. So lets face it, nobody releases brand new PS2 games on the PS1 aswell, it just doesn't happen.