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All Star Teams 1960s - 1970s - 1980s - 1990s - 2000s


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I wanted to show you my All Star Teams. All the players' faces I found on this site:

If you have other ideas about the players, formation etc. please let me know. :D

All Star Team 1960s:

______________Di Stéfano______________
G. Best_____Sívori_____Rivera____Garrincha


_______G. Riva__________G. Müller_______


____Platini_____P. Rossi____Van Basten____
____F. Baresi______Scirea______Bergomi___


___Zola_______Batistuta______E. Cantona__
________R. Baggio_______Bergkamp_______


_________Del Piero____Ronaldo________
J. Zanetti___F. Cannavaro___Puyol___Cafu


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Most of them need changes, but that 1970's lineup is an abomination.

Yes, I know Keegan is no RB and Cruyff definetely no defending midfielder. But with these players it seemed to me the best formation.
How would you do it?


This is for the 80's era. I got a little bit confused, so this came up instead of the 70's lineup.

Using a 4-2-3-1, any of these:

GK: Dasayev/Zenga
CB: Scirea/Baresi/Gentile
SB: Bergomi(RB)/Geretz(RB)/Cabrini(LB)/Brehme(LB)
DMF: Rijkaard/Tardelli
CMF: Falcao/Gullit
LMF: Maradona/Rumenigge/Francescoli (a bit of a stretch, if not go for Littbarski)
RMF: Maradona/Socrates/Gullit (if so add Bryan Robson as CMF)
SS: Platini/Zico/Antognoni (I love this guy)/Maradona if you really have to
CF: Van Basten/Rossi/Voller/Rush... go for the ones you like the most.

Cruyff is 70's, so is Keegan. Maradona can go for any of those three, I like him as a WF/RMF.

This said, this would be my shot at the best team:

Edit: Holy shit my brain is very confused right now. I was looking at your 70's lineup, then made the 80's while thinking about the 70's... Give me a moment to sort my ideas :D


Now this is the 70's. Using a 4-2-3-1, any of these:

GK: Zoff/Maier
CB: Chumpitaz/Passarella/Beckenbauer (if not add Perfumo)/Figueroa
SB: Vogts(RB)/Suurbier(RB)/Krol(LB)/Breitner(LB)
DMF: Beckenbauer (I prefer him here, and so does PES)/Bonhof (I have a big story with this fella in PES2013...)
CMF: Netzer/Neeskens/Van Hanegem
LMF: Dzajic/Keizer/Rivelino
RMF: Overath (can go to CMF and Hanegam to DMF if Bonhof out)/Keegan/Dalglish
SS: Cruyff/Deyna
CF: Müller/Cruyff (if so add Keegan in SS and Heynckes in RMF)/Kempes

The best lineup. Between Keegan and Dalglish I honestly don't know:

My favourite lineup would have Suurbier replace Vogts and Maier replace Zoff (depending on my mood). And Pelé is clearly 60's.


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a couple of years ago some classic football lovers and I made an ideal line-up for each decade, considering the most used tactic in each decade. We even tried to make balanced teams

’20 (1920-29)
Tactic: WW (
Zamora – Nasazzi, De Vecchi – Andrade, Monti, Gestido – Orth, Scarone, Friedenreich, Baloncieri, Orsi.

’30 (1930-39)
Modulo: WW
Planicka – Seszta, Domingos da Guia – Sastre, Sarosi, Hapgood – Biavati, Meazza, Leonidas, James, Bastin.

’40 (1940-49)
Tactic: WM
Bacigalupo – Salomon, Franklin, Maroso – Varela, Rossi – Moreno, V. Mazzola – Matthews, Pedernera, Loustau.

’50 (1950-59)
Tactic: 4-2-4
Grosics – Djalma Santos, Santamaria, Wright, Nilton Santos – Schiaffino, Bozsik – Julinho, Di Stefano, Puskas, Kubala.

’60 (1960-69)
Tactic: 4-3-3
Jascin – Burgnich, Moore, Schnellinger, Facchetti – Suarez, Charlton, Didì – Garrincha, Pelè, Eusebio.

’70 (1970-79)
Modulo: 4-2-4
Maier – Carlos Alberto (Vogts), Beckenbauer, Figueroa, Krol – Neeskens, Overath – Blockin, Cruyff, Muller, Riva.

’80 (1980-89)
Tactic: 1-3-2-3-1 (Zona Mista)
Zoff – Scirea – Gentile, Hansen, Cabrini – Matthaus, Rijkaard – Conti (Zico), Maradona, Platini – Van Basten.

’90 (1990-1999)
Tactic: 4-3-1-2
Schmeichel – Cafu, Baresi, Thuram, Maldini – Keane, Redondo, Desailly – R. Baggio - Ronaldo, Romario.

Anni ’00 (2000-2009)
Tactic: 4-2-3-1
Buffon – Zanetti, Puyol, Cannavaro, Roberto Carlos – Xavi, Gattuso – Raul, Zidane, Giggs – Eto’o.

Tactic: 4-3-3
Neuer – Maicon, Piquè, Thiago Silva, Lahm – Iniesta, Busquets, Schweinsteiger – Rooney, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo.


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’30 (1930-39)
Modulo: WW
Planicka – Seszta, Domingos da Guia – Sastre, Sarosi, Hapgood – Biavati, Meazza, Leonidas, James, Bastin.

Who is this one highlighted?
I can't even find info on him, let alone stats.
Took me a while to figure out that "Jascin" meant Yashin, but for this Seszta guy, I got nothing.

Also I'd replace Maicon with Sergio Ramos and Rooney with Ibrahimovic.
And a 2000s selection without Ronaldinho is nothing short of a blasphemy.