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Anyone got PES2010 early in Ireland???

Halve ZOL

Registered User
I have never found any game released early here in Dublin. Every shop waits until the offical release date.....2 more days.
Still pretty early now, think I'll go have a nice fry for breakfast :p


Registered User
You get alot more than sausage and bacon if your lucky ;-)

I have picked up PES early in the past by a day or two. I live in hope!!!!

The only thing you can get early in Ireland is sausage and bacon... ;-)


Registered User
I picked up PES 2006 early from Game. But since then, never again.
How much you guys paying for it? I've heard it's €50-€60.
Depending on the price, i might get it from Amazon in England- especially as the Sterling has taken a kicking recently.


Registered User
Yeah i remember picking the game up early before. HMV say it is released tomorrow so i will be paying them a visit first thing tomorrow.

Not sure what price it will be in HMV but on the smyths toystore website they say €45.


Registered User
Gamestop was a day early last year,if you know somebody in xtravision its possible,im gonna try the 24 hour tesco if all else fails.


Registered User
I got it a day early in Xtravision last year, it may have been just lucky though. I went down there for a dvd, and there it was out on the shelves! I was delighted, until I got home and played it and realised it was a turkey :huh:
Could be worth checking Xtravision though


Registered User
Get it every year early .. until my mate got sacked fro xtravision ... we should all ring our local stores pressuring them i just rang HMv and xtravsion in Drogheda


Registered User
I would imagine you will be able to get it tonight.

What day was the official release last year? I got it on a Weds evening, i think it was the evening before the official release date.

It's killing me!!!!!

Just called the local Gamestop, the chap told me there is a 'slim' chance it might be for sale after 6. He told me to pop in if im passing by......i'm there and i'm coming home with the game. I will use force if necessary!!!!!