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Appearences and stats by various makers;)


Sin City
sikor said:
What the devil is going on with my requests? Are you just messin' wimme?
If you can't edit them, just say: fuck off - i can't edit them.

Can anyone make at least Artur Boruc f'me, PLEASE?

Oh, and Villene . That's FM05 to PES4 converter, but it worx the same way!
i will i swear i am ill today!


Registered User
Cesc, I had a go at Arizmendi, and here's the results..

Build 1/+4/-1/-1
Brows 32/0/+1/-3
Eyes 10/0/-2/-1/+2/1/Black 1
Nose 6/0/+1
Cheeks 3/-1
Mouth 8/-2/0
Jaw 7/-2/-1
Hairstyle 120/214/257 (u choose)
-Color Pattern 10
Facial hair 60
-Color 10
Boots Mizuno Black...

couldn't make the most of it coz i only had a really lousy pic to refer to. hope you like it though ;)


Sin City
Artur Boruc(poland,celtic)
Skin Colour 1
Head Height 0
Head Width -1
Overall Pos. +1
Eyes(19,0,0,-3,+1,2,brown 2)
Special Hairstyle 151
Facial 108,6
Comments Please!


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artur boruc

skin 1,-4,+3,0
brows 13,-3,0,+3
eyes 21,-1,+2,-2,+2
colour 1,1,2 light blue 2
nose 4,-1,0
cheeks 1,+1
mouth 1,0,-1
jaw 8,-3,0
hair special 39 pattern 17


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California Clown said:
whch one you gonna use sikor?be honust!:D

Well, Boruc is not really easy to edit, but caseyy did better, sorry. But I really appreciate that you tried. Thanks.


Sin City
yeh well for some strange reason he has created his own thread:mellow:post some appearances lfcn01fan!


Sin City
:mellow::mellow:lets see then shall we!people please vote who is better\cali clown(moi:tongue: OR Lfcno1fan?come now please vote:Dto show that fool cesc!


Sin City
:cool:thankz so much mate for rating me no.2 ahead of sheva pro,maserati all those guys and 1 behind the true master....DEL PIERO.he is a ledgend:cool: