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Atletico Madrid

Dr. Bob Kelso

Welcome back...
50! said:
One month isn't bad...

for a Scouser.
I prefer 12 or as us scousers say "a year".

Aguero wont flop mate. He is the most promising player in the world at this time.
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Rafalutionary said:
I would say it is a fair assumption to think that Messi has delivered.

You wanna sort that cough out. ;)
Hmm, perhaps he already delivered. I'd say he fully delivered when he plays in the starts of the national team and Barcelona for quite some time.

I think I'll keep that cough, I might need it for other threads ;)


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Yes they should stone the ref. Personally, I do not like the tactics shown by Aguire. From what I have seen, he is trying to play a defensive game, but this team doesnt need to opt for that strategy. Their defense is decent and their mids are the best they had in years(Costinha, and Maniche). They need to emphasy more on their attack, and use Aguero as a SS rather then Mista.

This is my perfect line up.



Mr Lover Man
Just watching Valencia Vs Atlético Madrid. Ze Castro, this kid has it going on. Seen him a few times this season and he really has impressed me.



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There was some trouble between Atletico and Aberdeen fans last night. There's a video on Marca but I can't seem to find one which I can post. 17 injured it seems. Many Aberdeen fans didn't have tickets to the game, which never helps.


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Great game last night Aguero played a fucking stunner!

I had 8th pick out of ten on a champ league tourney i picked Liverpool first then my 2nd pick was A Madrid.

Dark horses Madrid are especially after strengthening the centre back positions.


Mr Lover Man
I was really surprised about the result especially as they were away. They do rely heavily on Agüero, but that's normal because he's probably the best player in Spain at the moment. I think they and Liverpool should get through the group and both those games should be great for football fans, especially if Kun features. He's on fire right now.


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Three reasons to watch Atleti:

1) They play exciting football.
2) 90% of the time there is a lot of goals in their games.
3) KUN!


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Current squad

No. Position Player
1 GK Grégory Coupet
2 DF Giourkas Seitaridis
3 DF Antonio López
4 DF Mariano Pernía
5 DF John Heitinga
7 FW Diego Forlán
8 MF Raúl García
9 MF Luis García
10 FW Sergio Agüero
11 MF Maxi Rodríguez (Captain)
12 MF Paulo Assunção
14 FW Florent Sinama-Pongolle
16 MF Éver Banega (loan from Valencia CF)
17 DF Tomáš Ujfaluši
18 MF Maniche
19 MF Miguel
20 MF Simão
21 DF Luis Amaranto Perea
22 DF Pablo Ibáñez
24 MF Ignacio Camacho
25 GK Leo Franco
27 GK Ángel Bernabé
28 DF Álvaro Domínguez Soto

They've made some smashing signings


They had a great game last night, especially Aguero, how they were placed in the 4th pot for the champions league i still don't know.


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I think it has something to do with the Coiffencients mate, not entirely sure but i think it's that.


Mr Lover Man
Not a decent enough squad imo, great first 11 though. If they get hit with injuries especially to the main guys then I can't see them being a threat in either competition.

Keepers are dodgy as fuck too.