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Backheel Lift Shot


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Ive been trying like a nutcase to get this trick (aswell as the Backheel high pass that I seen in the teaser of the game, months ago) but I still havent found out how to do it.

Can anyone explain it? And maybe the players who can actually do it?


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Well, i've scored with backheel flicks, but they do it automatically. If you are side on to the goal (with a very silky player though) and the ball gets fizzed in along the ground, they should let it go through their legs and flick it up :) didn't need to press any special button combos, they just did it. ;)


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to do the back heel lift shot that you were talking about you need a player with very high tecgnique, eg.Adriano. your must be ni he opposition penalty area with your back turned to the goal and a bit to the left of the goal, since adrianos left legged. youd have to be a bit to the right if you were using a right legged player. you must be quite deep in the box. when your ready press square. he should do the back heel shot. if you want to get more lift(although it usually ends up in row z in the stands) just after you press square you must press L1. hope this helps.


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after trying that apparently new ronaldinho flick that does not work I had some success with the back heel flick I waited for the gk to charge me with my back to him then L1 and square shooting towards goal you have to make sure that your back is facing the keeper. And even with ronaldinho and after about 10 or 11 attempts only 2 or 3 shots worked.


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What exactly are you talking about, i got the guide and from my knowledge there was no mention of this.
i've got a vague picture of whats going on but is there a video anywahere?


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maradona cant do the rabona shot in pes 6 only rivaldo and malgani of classic aregentina. i've only seen videos of the back flick never done it so i cant help their. sorry mate


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I scored one of these shots with Rooney - I have it saved, but don't have any way of transferring onto here...

Took me by surprise - I was expecting a turning shot!


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hi guys i know exactly how to perform it..:]i will son post a backhell ive shoot with Larson on ML..its a first touch backheel goal..the trick is the same as with the rabona shot.. u have to shot a direction that is impossible to score to make a player perform a backheel u have to be back to goal etc. but from my expierence L1 does not help u have to tap direction to the right corner flag when standing with Adriano or any other L footed ex Carlos..i can do it on training with 50% but its almost imposible to get to the right place at the game and tap it perfectly..very hard..but i am very happy that i can perform it in training and looking forward to score one in game..i will son post my goals after i figure an "easy'' way to upload from MC.