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BAL AI problem


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Hi, I'm on my 3rd season so far, playing for FC Lorient as a CF/SS, playing the 'proffesional' difficulty.

The more I'm playing, the dumber my AI teammates get. I noticed that they are particualrily dumb when I'm involving myself in the game, for example: I'm sometimes positioned as a DMF late in the game (for a god awful reason) and while I intercept the opposition's attacks and pass the ball to someone else without going up, my teammates are suddenly doing everything better, whether if it's dribbling, passing or shooting the ball. Their 'off the ball' movement is also improved. However, when I'm playing as a CF or SS, I can't pass the ball to a teammate when near the opposition's goal because they will (in too many occasions, but not all the time) either look to pass it back to me (without me asking for it), and very terribly I might add or try to walk through the opposition's players as if they're not there. They will also never pass me the ball automatically (without me asking) when I'm on a good position like breaking the offside trap or crossing me a flat ball when they're near the line and I'm free to a one-on-one with the keeper. It rests up to me to save the team from defeat or a draw for I'm always either scoring or assisting (except for rare cases like dead balls).

On defense, It's even worse. My back line is never synchronized with each other, allowing opposition players to easily break the offside 'so-called' trap. I sometimes recieve 3 goals in less than 10 game minutes this way, it's annoying. It usually happens at the end of the game when both teams have changed tactics.

Is that a known problem which can be fixed or am I the only one experiencing this? I would've said that I just stink at the game but I'm playing the Master League mode on the highest level, scoring around the 10 goals per game.


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The same ai that controls your players controls and the team you play against.

The first thing you need to know When you defending by pressing the speed button and the pass button down and hold them and you see the player your control defending faster, with automatically change to player closer to the one that has the ball in master league. By pressing the shoot button and the speed button together and hold them down you will see the other players running and defending all over the place (i use this a lot in bal) by combining these 2 methods you will not fell so cheated by the AI. By practicing and everything 'perfect' to do if the team is not in the best possible condition you will not be so successful in all of your efforts. Continue to score goals by asking the ball and the team will adapt to your playstyle and they will pass you the bal to any chance they got.

In the bal sector find the Gtks posts and read them they will help you.


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Thanks for the advice but I already know that and applying it to the way I play. Using 'shoot' to make my dumb AI teammates make more pressure is good when my defense is well organized, not when I'm being counterattacked, which happens pretty often considering my teammates are trying to walk through opposition players, as if they're ghosts. Besides, something is terribly bugged with it, especially in the wings of the pitch. The thing is, it only controls one AI teammate while the others just watch the opposition dribble the ball.

Update on current situation since yesterday: I played a few more games and suddenly my players started to play good again, in fact, they played far better than before (I'm with the team for almost a couple of years now so it's not because they started to know me better). It was too easy on 'proffesional', scoring hattricks on a regular basis, so I switched the difficulty to 'superstar'. Needless to say, everything went back to "normal". My players can't get past off our own half without me helping them and I keep being fouled pretty ridiculously without the referee awarding me that foul (I don't even count my players' dramatic falls when the opposition is tackling me cleanly). Also, when the opposition has the ball, I tend to mark a player, wait a few steps behind him and time his teammate pass to him so I can steal the ball by running into it, intercepting the pass, without tackling the player. When I do this now, the ball either travels through me and I run into thin air, or I suddenly being stopped (by some invisible force, I don't know) and my marked player steals the ball from me.

My overall rating so far is 80. If anyone else is experiencing this ridiculous gameplay, I'd very much like to know and if so, on what difficulty/overall rating?