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BAL and Gameplay questions.


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I apologize in advance for the poor English.

1 question.
Konami, we've ever watched football? You can see how the fight for the ball is in the center of the field?
In PES there is such a struggle. All the commands of Defense immediately rush to the attack.
In the center of the field in general is no batlle for the ball is not happening.

It's so stupid, the players run around like crazy the entire match without stopping.

You need to enter a dynamic system of stamina in the game. The player after each leap forward or physical struggle for the ball, had some time restore.
In this case, it is necessary to write the new AI.
So he cleverly disposed of strong skills of players.

And he should think him to run forward or no connection to a shooting guard, who had just returned to the defense and so on.

I would also like to note that there is no struggle in center field, due to the fact that midfielder connected to the attacks.
Although they must stand in the central zone, and meet a counterattack the opponent.

Now midfielder always catching up from behind forwards, though, logically, they must first meet them in front.

It is time you enter the new borders of bodies of players. How many years we are looking at these - the legs through the legs, arms, through the head and so on.

2 Question.
Why is the game in BAL so stupid?
Why does the game have no answers as to get a card? This is the mystery of some sort?
Why the coach leaves the player in stock, even if he is much better than the one he released in the field?

Question 3.

Green cards, cards that improve the skills of both?

And the red for what? Why create a player, AMF, I can not get red cards like Fabregas or Kaka?
Why create a player with silly cards are not necessary to him in this position?

For example, why AMF card-Pinpoint pass? This card is for players to pass out of the depth of field! And why is this card for the SS?

Why can not I create an AMF-dribbler with card Talis man?
Why can not I create a SS - with a card Trickster?

Is that what that bug in the game? Or do you not finish until the end of the game?
At this rate, Konami will slide into the abyss, and finally win the FIFA pedestal.
Although FIFA even worse than PES.

I hope to get answers to those questions that concern the entire community that plays in BAL in Russia, we talked about this in our forum.

Thank you Konami for the first PES in which the great AI this year, next year it should be the same. In previous versions of the AI ??was very stupid.

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I agree with u..

I totlay agree with u.
In Master league as manager of a club u must have oportunitis to make game as u want to be, RW and LW forward runs scale and ex, early cross or not, CM most short passes the other one CM dribbling, i mean alot of oportunitis is needed,,,but but...


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The most annoying and frustrated thing I am experiencing on Master League Offline is low teams outplaying my Super Star Created Team with Ball Possession. It does not supposed to happened because individual and overall team level is better than the other teams on PES. I hope this is fix and allow players and a team to play the way they supposed to play.


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I have a question about headers. Why are they so soft? I have to power up the shot meter to the max to get a semi decent header on goal. And it is completely random too. I never know if my player is going to head the ball or perform a volley, so I cannot press it too hard because he'll volley it out of the stadium. They need to add a button to volley or overhead kick like Fifa.


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Why can't we change our kit number anymore? I mean in PES 2013 it was there and nice, but they just took it off with no reason at all. I hate to be a striker with number 4 on my shirt, it's annoying.


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