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BAL Match Rating


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Does anyone know the best way to get a good match Rating? My Guy is a CMF and i always think im playing well but my match rating always seems to be 6 or 6.5.


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1/ don't loose the ball
2/ good passes
3/ intercept balls
4/ do longs passes
5/ shot with accuracy
6/ make goals
7/ don't get yellow cards ! 0.5 pts less, everytime


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and play IN position - you spend the whole match ball chasing and it will effect your rating. Other than that nicmollet had it spot on.


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so would it be better staying in the centre rather than trying to win tackles/ make passes on the wings? also as a CMF is being forward when attacking classed as being in position?

Cheers for the helps guys.


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Yep, just play your position. When they're attacking fall back and help with the defence in your zone, when you're attacking get forward and make space for everyone to pass to you. If you check the "Teamwork" lines in formation you'll see who you should be linking up with (as a CMF its pretty much everyone).

Just play like a box to box midfielder and you cant do much wrong.


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the match ratings in pes are quite simply wrong be it bal or otherwise

Im really suprised nobody has written a mod patch or somthing to fix this issue

I was thinking on these sorts of line

8 now= should be 10
4 now=should be 1

and all others evenly between that way you can get 1s and 10s possibly even in the same match

how nobody has thought to edit this script or routine is a mystery to me....