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BAL Missions


OK, they are there and we can't do anything about them, so we might as well try to do the objectives when they're not too stupid at least.

So I got the "Orchestrate attack" mission from my manager, 3 shots on target or more to complete. I scored 3 goals, so I figured "mission accomplished" and stopped shooting from weird positions and started to pass a lot instead. Doing what I am supposed to do as a central midfielder basically.

Guess what, Mission failed for some reason. For some reason 3 goals does not count as shots on target. I am starting to wonder if the keeper have to save 3 shots from you to make this mission complete...

Anyone else experienced this?


Registered User
Yep its happened to me a number of times that challenge, ive force a save 3 times on target and think mission accomplished.. it tells me ive only had one shot on goal. So now i end up shooting 5 times just to be safe, imo its broken as it is.


you're lucky- i only get the 'get 6.5 or higher'

I got that one in the first training match. First National game the manager asked me to perform at 7.0 or better, the bastard. My player ain't that awesome... but I made that one too. Next is probably 7.5, the bastards...

I hate those missions, but they only give manager rating and some fan base. Pointless stuff imo, I don't really care about it as I get both fame and manager rating just by playing "my own" game.


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Yep. I have had this mission a few times now and one game I scored 5 goals and musta hit the target 10+ times (I'm a striker). I still failed... wtf!


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Think ive had this and im sure i only had to shots in the game and mission was complete i swear its just random.