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Batman Begins PS2?


Dirty_Harris Manager
Does anyone know if this is any good? I am thinking of getting it as it looks cool but I am always wary of EA Games stuff. Anyone got a link to a review? Cheers.


Couldn't find any reviews but from what ive heard its a decent game,I'll rent it out and see how it is!



Dirty_Harris Manager
I have it now but I haven't has time to play it much yet. It seems a bit similar to Tenchu and Metal Gear mixed with God of War so it is promising. The controls are not nearly as responsive as Gof of War but they will probably get better once I get used to it. Graphics are nice and the animation is good.


Registered User
I had an Xbox version about a week ago and struggled to get involved with it, the makings are there for a good game but I just felt like I was rushing though the levels as quickly as possible so I could just get it over with.

Not the best game I have played but the visuals are very good.


Alive in the superunknown
Yeah I got mine now and I have to say it's very cool. I love this game, OK so it's not the best game around but if you liked the film... this game is great. I love jumping off things and spreading my wings it's so satisfying! It's certainly the best superhero game, spiderman sucked for me. The only thing I don't like is the way he runs, it's a bit girly. A lot of the physics are very good as well, his cape flaps like a cape and certain objects like chains and things move just like chains. It does have a kindof metal gear feel, and the combat reminded me of that in enter the matrix. Worth buying if not then hiring.... basically you should play this game.