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Battlefield: Bad Company 2


Super Moderator
There isn't any team or death matches in this game so players really do play this to win. Not for self glorifying.

Dunno about every man for themself, but there's certainly team deathmatch. Though considerably less popular.

A lot of work needs to be done for the team in this game. Unfortunately, most forget to realise this. The other week myself & Dan protected and defused a bomb for the conclusion of a game; without us our team would've been well and truly fucked. I sometimes see a row of 4 snipers on a hill and wonder why they think that's beneficial to anyone. Either move position or change class dammit.


Woo Woo Woo
Has anyone else had issues with their rank/stats today? I joined 3 games and I was back to default weapons for some reason. :/


Registered User
got this on saturday , i think its one of the best FPS to come out , MW2 is great , but this one i think this one takes it . Once you get the idea of hoiw to play .... the entire thing is a blast .


Mullet Taylor

Registered User
i traded my cod2 in. Cod2 will never match battlefield until you can drive tanks, helicopters etc


anyone that plays it, add me ! anytime i play i've usually finished top of my team. Being a medic is easy points !


Registered User
yh played some more last night the more i play it the more i like it .... i dont see why i will ever play mw2 again . defo gnna get COD black ops later this year , for the vietnam theme. I love treyarch games waw was fun ! its like arcady cod and simulation BC2, ranking system is better on cod .

BUT ... battlefield bc 2 is in another world... best new age FPS by far , i love how
you get 6 guys in a helicopter , land and all run out like d-day . and building destruction too .

The four man sqaud also kicks ass , but people saying it a team game.... you know at points its evident that one individual can win the game ... ive seen it happen alot.


Registered User
Traded in Red Dead Redemption yesterday to get this, glad i did, and iv only played first few missions.
Looks good and is a fun game to play, am impressed.


Registered User
Online is alot better than the story. I have recently started to play this game again. Online can get really frustrating because of the tanks and helicopters etc but then i remember it is a Battlefield game and thats what Battlefield games are all about.

Dale C.

Registered User
Holy fucking shit of all shits.

I'm fucking kicking myself as to why I didn't get this game earlier. Played it at a mates house earlier today, and was blown away.

This game is infinitely better than MW2 :huh:

The scale of the maps, the guns, the vehicles. Shit me sideways, this game is fucking immense.

Only problem is, i'm going into my third year at uni and need to knuckle down. Shall I buy it anyway? :lol:

Oh man, I need this game.

Dale C.

Registered User
So I got this today.

Single player was immensely short, but it was a right laugh. Absolutely brilliant script and character work.

Gonna play it through again and get all the DJ stations (what I like to call the satellite uplinks), and just generally blow shit to fuck all over again.

Great fun.

Gonna make a start on the MP perhaps tonight or tomorrow.


Super Moderator
I'm confused why they've brought out an Ultimate Edition if there's more DLC still to be added. :/

Dale C.

Registered User
I've just had the greatest moment of my life.

There I was, on the snow map, defending point B on a conquest game. They were throwing everything at me, humvees, quads, a tank, 2 helicopters.

They all failed to take B. Me and my cunning ways, I found myself some sneaky spots, one of which is right next to one of them mounted rocket launcher things.

What a moment when that rocket connected with the helicopter, blowing it to pieces, and killing all three people that were inside.

What a game.

Dale C.

Registered User
Yeah but those maps are what, 10 times the size of the COD ones?

They're ridiculously huge, which means you won't get sick of them that easily ;)

Plus, you get to drive and fly around them, so.