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Bebeto 94's Updated USA 94 World Cup Kits

Sempre Juve

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Great work, many thanks.

The USA '94 World Cup always gives me great nostalgia, it's the first one I remember clearly.


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Group E is complete except for the collar of the Italy shirt. There is a glitch with the ingame graphics engine which causes certain colours to blur into each other. It does it on both PES 2019 & 2020 with the coloured triangles of the collar and cuffs. On my 3d testing model it is perfect but when imported into the game, the coloured triangles on the cuffs and collar blur when zoomed. I have also checked other kitmakers versions of the shirt and its the same thing. Collar 13 has this bug but collars 3 & 4, if the triangles are of sufficient size, are ok. Still trying to figure out for the cuffs. It maybe they will have to be made a little bigger than they are in reality so as they look good in the game.

Sempre Juve

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Thank you for your work, really excellent.

The 1994 World Cup fills me with nostalgia, it's the first tournament I remember well and these kits bring back many memories.

I look forward to seeing the Italy ones when you get around to it.



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Project complete
All the kits of the 15th FIFA World Cup held in the USA 1994. 17th June - 17th July
This was a 7 month project which is now complete. Hope you like
Credits to Wenszl Zsolt (USA option file)
Homer S (Predator Goalkeeper Kits)
PEDA 69 (USA Away kit)
Aliheidari (2x Mexico GK kits)
All other kits done by myself
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