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Become a Legend AI?


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Become a Legend AI?
After a few years without PES, I came back to PES 2013, hoping I could finally play my favorite mode: Become a Legend.

The gameplay and immersion was good, but the teamates AI was so abysmal I actually gave up with PES 2013. No matter the difficulty level, no matter your club (Barcelona or Swansea), your teamates are not on the same AI level than the opposite team: they don't pass the ball or pass too late, can't dribble a single defender, can't tackle, I have to do all the work, and it makes no sense... While the opposite team plays normally with an acceptable AI, pass, tackle, shoot.

So this year, for this PES 2014, I am asking you: howe is the Become a Legend AI?

Thanks for your help. This is something I can't find out only with the demo.


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Its still shit alltho better than 2013.
The manager is the most horrible part, the amount of stupidness in the lineup is the same as ever, not putting best players for important matches, putting players in the wrong position etc...


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Tell me more about it i have Pepe at RB and Varane-Albilol and Ramos as LB in the R16 in the CL vs Milan :D.

They actually pass and create good chances now but it pisses me off how they don't run and instead slow down and challenge defenders, like you don't see Ronaldo slowing down waiting for the defender to catch up with him so he can do some shitty tricks and finally shoot...


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Pes2013 fixed this with 1.04 patch. For Pes2014,the teammates are stupid and smart,i'm playing as goalkeeper and majority of goals i get are teammates fault and not mine because they were just running along opposite attacker..