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Hi guys, this is my player this year. His name is Fluido Gomez, he's spaniard. He is 'complete', I don't want more cards for him. Overall is 109 in both positions. he has 99 in almost every skill, except defence (75) and jump (93) I think..[email protected]/8523844730/in/photostream/[email protected]/8522732639/in/photostream/

I recorded some games for a video. The hardest of them was against Manchester City in the round of 16 for UEFA Champions League. They scored two times in their stadium and it was difficult for the second match, We had to tie for going into overtime. They had more opportunities as you can see, fortunately, they didn't score more goals. The video has gameplay of some fixtures from La Liga too. Games against Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Real Sociedad. All gameplay is in Superstar Difficulty/ 5 minutes games.

I try to record games in the night or with very good daylight because the camera I use, has some problems with shades and shadows. It's a pain in the ass to make a video because you spend more time converting, editing and uploading the freaking video than playing the game but if you like the idea of this 'Chronicles' videos, I can try to make other videos with more important games and everything. So, that's all. See you.