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Become a Legend is flawed


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I have come to the sad decision to stop playing this years Be a Legend. Having played the mode since it first became part of the game and really enjoying it, this year the fun has gone.

I was 2 and a half years into my career. Started at West Ham ( In the Anglo Celt League from Goalgerd`s optionfile). Their tactics were quite defensive so I did not expect many goals from the team – However to only score 30 goals in both seasons is ridiculous.

At the start of my third season I joined Rangers. They were last season’s top goal scorers in the league and their tactics are quite offensive. Was amazed to see Rangers then not score for 4 out of my first 5 games against beatable opposition! To rub salt in the wound, West Ham, who in the preseason sold many of their best players, have got 17 goals in their first 5 games!! This is crazy. It seems whatever team I am playing in really struggles to score. I know I am being cheated as if I happen to be suspended or not playing in a match my team score 3-4 goals in the text only presentation of the match!!

This is clearly a flaw. I have tried playing on Superstar level for the majority of the time but also tested this on Top Player and Professional to the same effect.

It`s really disappointing as I love this mode in the game but looks like this year I`ll have to give it a miss. I am not slating the game as a whole, as am enjoying playing online and vs. mates 1 on 1 as the gameplay has much improved for this year`s version, it’s such a shame though that Be a Legend is fooked.

Has anyone else experienced this frustration?


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The text and made up scores need some attention. They are flawed. very true.
This is only a problem if goals scored and being top assister and goalscorer matter a lot to you.

Ive tried playing on Professional, Top player and superstar.
Top player seems to cheat too much.
Superstar makes goals harder to come by.
Professional is generally ok, sometimes a bit easy and AI isn't quite intelligent enough.

Having signed for United, playing through a season on professional, we just pipped Chelsea to top spot. We scored about 25 less goals than Chelsea, finishing as the 6th highest scoring team. But with the highest goal difference as we hardly let any in (20 odd GA)

So yes, professional needs a slight tweak to make a few more goals in played games and slightly less in made up games. Also made-up results don't always show the best teams winning enough. (teams with the best players)

I think superstar is the best way of playing, but you will need to adjust the time and play maybe 15 to 20 minute games to give more realistic score lines.

It might be that Rangers just don't have the players to be top of the league. The made up results doesn't always reflect the quality of a teams players, but it will when you sign for them and play through the game. Sign for a team with good players to get the results and goals, not one that is currently doing well. Also things can even out over the course of a season. Man City were in the bottom 3 for long periods at the beginning of the season but rose to finish 5th. My United team also went on a scoring run near the end of the season.


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I don't have a problem with goals as soon as I learn how to play the way my new team likes to play. You have to play your position right and make sure the ball gets to the right people. I joined Benfica with a very strong LMF and once I started forcing the ball down the left side I got header after header all season.

Anyone else notice (perhaps it started after the latest patch) that if you get subbed out of a game your rating is calculated as if you played the full game? You can score a goal and you are still more likely to get a 5.5 then you are a 6.5. The only way to get a 6.5 is to score or assist AND dominate possession for your team because you need your passing/dribbling stats to be as high as if you played a full game. I'm done playing BAL because of this. I was top manager rating by far and got subbed 1 game - 5.5. Then subbed again - 6.0 and I was 2nd in manager rating and never played a full game again the rest of the season. Its fine if you start on the bench and then sub in, I got an 8.0 for a hat trick but that wasn't enough for the team to play me a full game - I still subbed out at 60 minutes the next game.


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Im still in my 1st season and find it hard and frustating to play this mode my team is bottom of the league and rarely scores and im mainly a sub, its frustrating losing all the time and not scoring im trying to play on professional to try and make it easier but its still hard to even do anything.

Just trying to play games as much as i can to get good and get at a decent club ive enjoyed doing it over the last 2 years games but this year im finding it effort and when your team is that bad its really boring and having motivation to even go in to this mode.


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Has anyone started a new game since the latest patch was released? Are there any noticeable improvements to this mode? Kinda hoping to be able to start again