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Become A Legend & Online Team


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Dean C I really hope you're wrong :)

I notice that in the back of the game box it says "Network Players, support for up to eight players will be added to the game through a free of charge online update"

I may be wrong but isn't LEGENDS ONLINE the only game mode online that supports 8 players at the same time?



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V, I asked about what the 8 player online mode is but they didn't answer me, they only sent a message saying that they were sorry that I was unhappy with this out come and that all messages are passed onto the devlopment team, good or bad.

What I asked them is that if it was going to be like 2v2 ala you'll have 4 players in a team controlling the team, which would be a nightmare, or if we can pick a fixed player.

If you can pick a fixed player then this would be like legends without your legend. I just hope if it is this that you can add your legend to the team to use online just like you can use your ML team online.


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Its exactly the way you say it. We can play real players. The only way to play Legend in a way would be to play with an edited squad online. Is that possible? It was in the past.


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just bought the game on steam looking for plyers to play online with and now ya telling me its been stopped , why is the game offline telling me online is a good way of getting points in become a Legend pls advise as they stopped all updates for 2011 so i could not upgrade to carry on with my b.a.l on that so i bought this new game and your telling me it was a waste of time


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also has anyone of you got steam as i purchased it on steam but its the only game i have that i dont have friends playing it as most my online mates play 1st shooters


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also has anyone of you got steam as i purchased it on steam but its the only game i have that i dont have friends playing it as most my online mates play 1st shooters

I guess there are not many gamers playing PES with Steam. And even less playing Become a legend Mode and even less playing Legends online. Sorry but that's almost a rule for every platform. You can find more BAL gamers in consoles like Xbox and PS3 or PES for PC but it doesn't matter since there is no Legends mode anymore.

I'm sure there isn't other gamer who expected that much from this mode like me.

I began to play Legends mode since the first year Become a Legend was included in the game (PES 2009). At that time, only 3, 4 people were playing the mode online and it was horrible with the connection issues and that kind of stuff so I decided to wait for the next year, wishing for more players online with better connections and it was ok because my first legend wasn't that good anyway. (At least for the gamestyle I was trying to simulate). I had this idea of building the FASTEST and the MOST AGILE player I could and I focused on Speed and Power instead of Speed and Dribling. I fixed that problem the next year.

I searched in the web for a BAL Guide with all the information about trainning, developing, etc. And guess what? there was a Guide with all that information. I just check it. It was correct. To these days, I still find this gamers believing very wrong things about trainning and focusing points, and many other things like how rating works. Fools who criticize the game for no reason. Anyways, the main idea was to create an online team. The BEST team with better cordination and teamwork than any other team. The winning eleven. So I made a video. An example to seduce other players with the idea of recording our gameplay and making videos with our best moments playing online together.

That was the reason to make that video and it was about my first legend in PES 2009:

The second year I rushed to develop my player and when he was ready, I began to look for people online, there were 4, 5 people playing the game so I chose the best 3 of them with better connection and I added them to my friend list and asked them for their email adress. I began to send them emails. The first with the link of my video, my idea and so on.. Then, asking about their playing possitions, their styles, etc. I tryied to build a formation, including our scouts, telling them how to pick them. with better defensive stats, better condition, speed, defensive cards and so on.

We began to play online more and more, first in professional difficulty against weak teams then against medium teams, then against hard teams, then I switched to Top Player and began to play against weak teams and so on.

IT WAS HARD!!! this guys like most of you (with all the respect) didn't know anything. They had this individulistic style of no passing the ball at all. Trying to sucess alone and depending a lot in the individual skill. Trying to dribble everyone and scoring by themselves. Not taking a position, neither a role, running behind the ball all the time, LOSSING the ball most of the times, horrible!

It was after a lot of games and emails that they began to play, lets say acceptable, barely acceptable. There was this kind of things like I was so used to make crosses to other players to score and I told them, "It can be a good cross or a bad cross, that's not up to you, ANYWAY, you always have to be on position and ready for the pass".

We began to make plays, sometimes including 3 or the 4 of us, even plays with scouts. 6,000, 7,000 or more combinations. Games against Brasil, Manchester United in Top Player Winning sometimes with scores like 8-0, 10-0 but it wasn't good enough to me. Not because I was a perfectionist freak or something, there were FLAWS, terrible FLAWS and a very big INCOSISTENCY in the team (sorry for the bad english). So I was not satisfied but I never was a bitch or a winner or anything like that, I always was the coolest guy online.

At the end, one of them was so arrogant, we had a fight and we never play together again. Other guy switched to ps3 and the team was over.

I made a video about us, it was hard too. Everytime I said to them I was recording, the worst version of them came out. The individualistics, protagonistics, narrow minded... So one day, I didn't tell them anything and began to record and made the video.

With that video I seduced other latin american players, there were 7,8 players online those days: 4 mexicans, 2 colombians, 1 panamanian, etc.

At the end I removed the video from youtube.

I didn't plan to make other Become a legend videos. I wanted to make legends online videos.

The PES 2010 Become a legend video was another example in a moment when my gaming evolved and I began to play in the other side of the field. Being a left-footed player, I began to play in the right, kinda like Messi-Robben. I began to enjoy the speed and agility of my player, making new stuff. For me it was awesome so I decided to make a video as an example since other players didn't understand my idea.

It was in PES 2011 when there was a change in Legends online, We began to play with legends from other parts of the world, not only latin american but europeans, some assians from Japan, and other guys, from one day to the other there were 20,30 players playing online, sometimes even more, 4 vs 4 matches but it wasn't enjoyable with all the connection issues of playing with people from other continents but mostly because, well you can imagine it..

For my part, I developed a very weak legend because konami changed a lot of things in the developing of the players so I ended with a 98 overall player, still very fast and agile but too weak overall. And for the first and last time I developed a second legend in the same year.

Those days, I was already a fan of Barcelona, my admiration began for the youngsters academy (La Masia) and the way they invest and take risks with the kids. It's amazing.

Then I began to know about the tactical system they use, The Total Football (Rinus Michels) and The Tiki-taka (Johan Cruyff), just Brilliant!

I always was a freak about strategy, and tactics, not only in football. One of the reasons I play games is for that, to play with strategy, using teamwork, etc.

So, in the game (PES), I began to play for Barcelona and believe it or not, I began to simulate the tiki- taka and Total football, it was the ultimate evolution. I finished that career with 11-12 seasons with Barsa in the new difficulty mode: Top star.

It was crazy, the possesion rate, the stats, the scores, plays of 20,30 passes before the goal. So easy to score, not struggling with physical game or skill, Strategy at its best. Just crazy, I just wanted to share it with others, Suddendly the idea of having an online team playing like fuc.king Barcelona came to my mind.

But the year was finishing and the new pes came out.

So I built my player and began to play Legends online again, I met with old folks, and it was a bitter experience, there was like an actitude against me. People wanted to prove something to me, didn't want to play with me anymore, I don't know. maybe Im wrong.

But every time I was online was the same story, fluido, you go with the noobs and watch the masters in action. An the thing was there were playing 'ok' but it wasn't anything close with the thing I had in mind, I mean, this people were always a step behind me. For me those crosses, passes and plays were boring. I was watching new FLAWS, terrible flaws, I asked ' So, how are you doing these days? you win, you lose, what?' and they said to me that they were the BEST, most times we win, italians doesn't have a shit, they cheat, other europeans the same, and I said 'ok'.

But when I played against them it was so easy to neutralize them, I mean, they struggled so much to score a single goal. I didn't win either with all the noobs but most of the times we tied.

This guys, then a group of 7,9 players (mexicans, colombians, some spaniards) were the guys using Buffon an Cech as full backs, stats of 99 in everything, 10 skill cards and so on... You don't have to tell me. A couple of times I said to them it wasn't a good idea to change like that the skills of a player. I remember a couple of them, having Van Der Sar like that in PES 2011 or 2010, and every time Van Der Sar cleared the ball, he gave it to the other team because his shoot and power was to high, every single time and I thought: 'This guys will stop making that, they will realize it's a bad idea' but they didn't.

I edited my scouts too but not like that, I picked a goalie, a defender (real defender), midfielder and changed their age so I could have famous players in their best moment to play online.

Eventually, I learned how to decrease certain stats so the players didn't go crazy. and many other stuff..

ahh, at the end, I hardly play online again and I made a video of tiki-taka in PES 2012 and a blog in spanish describing an explaining that beautiful tactical system, How to play it, how to play like a False 9 (like Messi) and all that stuff but it doesn't matter anymore, the mode is dead, so, that's the story about a gamer playing BAL.

I even made another of PES 2013, maybe the last one. I don't have the time or energy to play videogames anymore. Im to old for that shit..