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Belgian Jupiler League '07-'08 V1 by FUB


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PES2008 - Jupiler League '07-'08 V1 by FUB


For this patch I used the following patches as a base:

-Adboard Pack1 for Pes2008 PC by DrDoooMuk
-GDB v2
-All_unlicensed_emblems packed by Dert

extract the file with winzip or winrar

Before installation: always make a back-up file!

Thanks to Kitserver, AFS Explorer, GDB Manager and GGS

This patch includes:

-All 18 Jupiler League Clubs:
--Cercle Brugge
--Club Brugge
--Standard Liège
-All unlicensed emblems
-The logos of the Jupiler League
-The Jupiler League replaces the Eredivisie
-Eredivisie in Other League C
-The League menu of the Jupiler League
-All unlicensed and licensed kits
-The kits of the Jupiler League
-New adboards

If you want to install other patches
(boot packs, cup logos, league logos, balls...),
it is possible to install this patches, but do this first.
The Jupiler League should be installed in the end.

The installation contains three elements:

-The installation of the Option File (OF)
-The installation of the League Menu
-The installation of the kits


1. Option File

1.01 Copy the data from the map OF in your folder "...\My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2008\save\".

2. League Menu

2.01 Unpack "AFS_Explorer_3.7.rar" from our patch.

2.02 Open AFS Explorer, click on our left in the menu "file", than "Import AFS file...".

2.03 Now we can see a window, we change "AFS Files" into "All Files" and search for "PES 2008\img".

2.04 Than we click "cv_0.img" and waite a few seconds.

2.05 There will be a warning "Missing descriptors information ...", we click "no" and than "yes", the data now will be loaded.

2.06 Now we have to import our patch files, we click in the menu "action", than "Import folder...", wait a few seconds,
than select the map "cv_0" from our patch.

2.07 A warning "Do you want to rebuild the AFS File?" will appear, we click "yes", we have to give our new (rebuilded) file a name,
we call it "cv_0_new.img", this file is big, there should be 1,5gb of free space on your disk.

2.08 After some time "AFS regenerated successfully!" will appear, we click "OK".

2.09 Another message "A new ASF file has been created..." will be shown, we click "no", we can now close AFS Explorer.

2.10 Cut our new file "cv_0_new.img", Open the map "PES 2008" and search for the map "img", in this map
we delete "cv_0.img" and paste our "cv_0_new.img", after that we change the name from "cv_0_new.img" to
the standard name "cv_0.img".

2.11 We do the same steps from 2. for cv_1 and rv_e, with ofcourse the names cv_1_new.img and rv_e_new.img

3. Kits

3.01 Unpack "kitserver-710h".

3.02 Insert the map "kitserver" into the programmfolder "PES 2008".

3.02 Install it.

3.03 Inside the map "GDB" we change the map "uni" with the one from the patch,
if there is no map "GDB" inside the kitserver folder it should be like this: "...\Programm Files\PES 2008\kitserver\GDB\uni".

3.04 That's all!

Lot's of fun



New Member
how to uninstall it? Because i have the kits of the holland teams in jupiler league and kits of the belgian clubs in the eredivisie...


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