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Best PES 2012 PS3 Option File

Best PES 2012 PS3 Option File

  • DFL OptionFile 2012 (Cristiano)

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Vote for your favourite PES 2012 PS3 Option File. The files that have been selected to take part in this poll are:

DFL OptionFile 2012 (Cristiano)
GTM Pes World PES 2012
paul2478 2012 Option File
Mrgametight's US Base Option File

All the best to all involved!


Congratulations to [MENTION=174785]glen the magpie[/MENTION] and [MENTION=154206]Mighty__Mag[/MENTION] for their award winning PES2012 Option file GTM Pes World 2012!

glen the magpie

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Thanks guys and to all that voted, we worked hard on that file. Also don't forget [MENTION=128678]AltySi[/MENTION] aswell he's part of the team and his contribution. To last years file was out of this world.