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[BIAZ] PES 2011 Kits for PS3


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Biaz Hi, could you make the kits of the União da Madeira? I would appreciate you to do much, thank you and Regards JD.

Images of team logos and emblem of the team:

Home and Away


I have already done it on my topic, if you have another request for portuguese teams or another one you could ask it on my topic if you want


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Sorry bundesliga formulas are made by Santi Argento. So all credits to him. JackwhoBra made all other formula´s of all missing teams ingame, you find them in JacktheBra´s thread.


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hi biaz78! i have never seen like your kits before! which programme do you use for making kits? do you have tutorial video? thanks...

ps:i have pes 2011 bles01021


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hey biaz would u try this kit for me??




for the 2nd and gk kit just make two transparent with bwin in black and one with bwin in white letters...i hope u will try them...thx ;)


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Selangor FA

Hello Biaz....
can u make these kits for me...:)
its the Selangor team in Malaysia Super League...


2. Selangor Away

3. Selangor Goalkeeper

4. Selangor Emblem

5. the MBI emblem



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Hey Biaz.

Could you design a Fantasy of Chelsea or Everton perhaps?
Im in need of a Jersey with Blue and white for ML. so if you could design something that would be Great!

By the way. no need to put the team emblems on. And also it doesnt matter what sponsors you put on. as long as you can get something like the Blue on those team kits