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[BLES01408] Abstruso, Jay-Jay10 & Friendz DES OF - Complete German 1./2. Bundesliga


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Abstruso, Jay-Jay10 & Friendz
PS3 DES OptionFile PES 2012


Komplettdownload (DLC benötigt!)


Vollversionsupdate für unsere Beta-Tester (DLC benötigt!)

Beta-Version OHNE DLC/Internet

ihr braucht natürlich immer nur einen der beiden Links laden. wir wollten euch nur den Luxus bieten, euch für einen entscheiden zu dürfen!
so langsam wisst ihr ja, wie's geht! Viel Spaß!

completely licensed EPL + German 1./2. Bundesliga!

no fake nationalteams with correct jerseys!

Portugal with correct Names and jerseys!

classic nationalteams with their jerseys, no fake unlockables!

2 Bonusteams: FK Anzhi Makhachkala & FK Partizan

For more informations visit us at!

Credits to: Abstruso, McKing, zick, husher, Skontra, wello, Suker09, Nemisiskidd, ¢Ħλ®₤ỉξ-[14], homer s., biaz, goodknight, JackWHOBra, T-X2083, Teabee and many others!​
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Thanks for the information. Your OF sounds very good to me!
I suppose that you will update your OF after the Konami DLC?

you're right!
we will update our file with new DLC or transfer periods!

that's just the usual service from the abstruso-team! :)

edit: 3 stars? guess some guys can't hide their envy!


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it's your choice:

with apply: correct international teams, but false german teams...

without: correct buli, international teams as edited by us before...all new players from Konami appear in the Free Agents

but no matter what you choose we will update the version so that you soon can play again with no restrictions!


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but first i have to choose if apply or dont apply and then i have to choose if to overwrite or not? do i have to overwrite the edit data?


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i have the the latest pes 2011 OF (abstruso / spiderpig & co) with all files i needed. now i downloaded the new OF for 2012. i know i can use the 2011 files, but where should i continue (Abstruso, Jay-Jay10 & Friendz DES OF) i mean from which file should i start copy? or is it not necessary that i have the 2011 files an have to copy from "BLES01408EFACE002" to "BLES01408EUNIFORM409" anyway??


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to be sure that you missed no file, just copy each single one!
its just little work in compare with ours...and you only have to do that once!:)


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yes u r right lol !!! u guys had a hard job to do and u did it great!!! i have cristianos OF cause it was the first one and good, but i always had the abstruso & friends OF and appreciate(d) the work & quality, so i picked the abstruso & friends OF again :)


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would be great if u guys could edit everything lol cause every new year there r positive & negative updates in pes 2012.. this year the goalkeeper and the team u play with is much smarter but now we have the referees who blow the whistle for every little thing and the worst about the referees is that they break up the game to halftime or fulltime whether or not u r running towards the goal of the opponent team or shot a freekick (today i shot a freekick and it goes in and i was wondering nobody throw up their hands, when i saw the referee blew the whistle right before the ball goes in!!!)


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Servus Jay-Jay. WIe lange wird es dauern bis ihr einen kompletten Patch released ( alles original, Namen, Club & Nationalteams etc.) ? Außerdem interessiert mich ob es Ihr evtl. auch einen alternativ Patch released zb.: mit Serie B anstatt 2. BL ???


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Hi Jungs, erst einmal vielen Dank für das wie immer optimale OF. Eine Frage habe ich: Beim BVB hat Schmelzer weiße Buchstaben im Gesicht, im Original finde ich ihn unter Spielersuche noch und in der Nationalmannschaft auch. Wie bekomme ich das Original wieder zum BVB?


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UK PES 2012 Kits And Emblems

hi i am after a UK ps3 pes 2012 option file dowload. Also English championship league would be an added bonus. Got the game today and cant find one anywhere, thanks in advance for all your help!!! Come on you saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)