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[BLES01408] FO [EU] **v5 available!!**


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You mean konami patch 1.01, released one week ago, am I right? If so.. yes! :)

Wow you are unreal , you're like Scott pilgrim's(movie Scott Pilgrim vs the world) Room mate(not in a homo way) but in the movie he replied/sent text messages in his sleep, you are top notch my friend! thanks and yes to answer you question :D


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tranks daimpa, very good you pach !!! :w00t
I have question you use PES League is Bundesliga and League D2 is 2 Italy team?


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This OF is the best out there, and i've tried ingame cristiano's and tikkio's. None of them beats this one, great kits, great formulas, all correct names and kits for the national teams etc. Can't wait for the Konami dlc so that daimpa may release the next version with bundesliga. Thanks for your hard work mate, releasing the OF at 4am there in Italy, and still managing to respond to everyone, that's commitment! And it is virtually errorless, i simply corrected a few things for the Liga Zon Sagres as i'm more familiar with it that's all


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i did some stadiums, maybe, if you want to put them into ur OF i could upload them...

for example i did stadio via del mare (US Lecce):